Noisy neighbor resulting in serious lack of sleep: what to do?


5 is pretty early even for a weekday. For me, you crossed the line when you mess with my sleep.


The police did nothing with the crazy neighbor, he is genuinely out of his mind, he is fighting ghosts, sometimes (rarely) screams at 3:00am, but more often does at 6:00 or 7:00. Police came a few times after my wife called them but nothing was done. Blaming the mum of the guy, she apparently does not want him in an psychiatric hospital.
We decided to move out, visiting apartments lately after 9 months living in this one.


An oldie, but a goodie. I remember seeing this in college off of ebaumsworld or whatever site we had to use for videos pre-YouTube.


i don’t think taiwanese people mind lots of things. turning a blind eye is a national sport here.


We live on the north side of a tower with a duplicate tower about 10m away. Each tower is 32 stories tall. So there’s like a canyon between the two buildings. The master bathroom window, which we keep cracked open at night, looks over the canyon.

We keep the bathroom door shut at night, but at 3am sharp every morning a guy - a guy who’ve I’ve never managed to identify - opens a window or steps out on his patio looking over the canyon to hock up mega-loogies for about 10 minutes, uninterrupted. I think he works over each sinus cavity in a certain order, too. It’s like 10 minutes of lungs being coughed up, explosive expectoration, and vigorous lip smacking echoing in the dead of every night. Never says a word.

So I can sympathize.


i don’t have a noisy neighbour problem, just the old dick head who lives a couple of buildings across thinks its ok to burn his trash at 3am. the smell goes directly into my place if i don’t shut the windows. his roof looks like a jungle, total shit heap.


Isn’t that against some law?


Sure, but most people don’t work night shift at the cram school. Perhaps the op could confirm his/ her schedule so we know if waking up 5am is reasonable or not ?


Probably why he does it at 3 a.m.


I have that same “canyon” situation. Such a depressing view.

I also once dealt with a loogie neighbor. Except he did his hocking at a somewhat more reasonable 6 or 7 am. Still very disgusting to hear. What’s up with Taiwanese and doing that shit? Can someone explain? I’ve never dealt with anyone like that in the West.


Search online for “secondary acrylic glazing”, you can it do it DIY style, and a thick enough acrylic 0.8 to 10mm will reduce noise pollution considerably. There are many work shops around town who will cut it to the exact size.


I have the loogie problem here too. Some old timer outside, sounds like he is on the street, but I think he may be in the apartments across from us. Always seems to happen just as I’m fixing my porridge…


My MIL and FIL are terrible. Coughing up docker’s oysters every morning. I think they do it because they believe it’s healthy.


Not the best mental association. :nauseated_face: :face_vomiting:


Yeah there’s some folk/Chinese medicine BS motivation behind it, what comes up should not go down or some dogmatic horse shit from ‘ancient wisdom’.


In Kaohsiung there was always a douchebag that would drive his modded exhaust scooter on the main road at full throttle at 3am. They know it annoys people but they are entitled assholes.

The cops absolutely will do something. Like someone said before call the 110 number or even just tell the local precinct and dont leave until they agree to check it out. In Taichung they even have a sound meter they will stick in the guys exhaust to check the loudness and then fine him. Then he’ll be given an inspection demand where he will have to replace the exhaust and then submit for reinspection.

However you may get reprisals like your scooter tires or seat getting slashed. That’s a common cowardly reaction to being called out


To be fair, there’s no shortage of assholes like that in the west (didn’t someone post that Bub Rub video earlier?) either. I remember in Boston there was some motocycle revving douche who also would do it at 2 or 3 am. I wouldn’t be surprised if he was high or drunk while he was doing it either.


True dat. In Sydney there was a commercial building near me where the cleaner would fire up the leaf blower at 5:00 every morning. Those things sound like jet engines at 5am. I complained to his employer to make him to stop, then a month later he would start over. Also complained to the council. This would cycle would happen about 3-4 times before I eventually just gave up…


Depends on when the sun rises, you can be noisy from sunrise to sunset.:rofl:

Anyhow, long time ago there were these noise mahjong playing neighbors, their living room across from my bedroom. They had their balcony door open, like every single night, takakakakakaakrikitakkaka, eventually I catapulted a raw egg across their living room floor. Never heard them again.


Did you speak to them first, or just go straight to the raw egg catapulting? No judgement here, just curious :wink: