Noisy neighbor resulting in serious lack of sleep: what to do?


The building I live in vibrates like a tuning fork


I guess you won’t want to be there in an earthquake


Or maybe that’s why I didn’t even notice the last one a few days ago!


He needs to be nailed !


What concrete block doesn’t?


Oh the tales many of us can tell about noise in Taiwan…bear with me as I add mine…

I lived on the 2nd floor of 4 story building. Construction noise most evenings for about 6 months would wake me up. I ran into the upstairs neighbor who said his son was renovating their house but could only do so at night after work. Later when the electricity had trouble I went to the roof to find they had built a two room apartment on the roof. I had to go through their apartment to get to the electrical control box.
Meanwhile, on the street below me a pub opened with an outside patio area. Loud conversations until 2am when cars would come and honk their horns until their friends came out of the pub so they could talk loudly in the street until 3am.
For motorcycle noise I was lucky at my house in Neihu as the extremely loud motorcycle would pass by our house everyday in the evening. I could continue to hear the noise for almost a minute as he drove away.


she is a legend, and a rarity in these parts. sometimes the lack of anyone protesting pisses me off more than the noise. there was a concrete smasher operating in the street around 2am a couple of months ago. couldn’t believe that nobody gave a shit, it was insanely loud.


How long have you been in Taiwan? The rule of law is not something that many are too concerned with here.