Nokia 6610 and msn messenger

I just picked up a nokia 6610 and I think msn messenger is supposed to be able to work on it as well as wap access but when I try and go to a website it says check IP address. Does anyone know what to do that has this phone. I have no clue the manual is all in chinese :frowning: but from what I read supposedly both ICQ and Msn are supposed to run on it.

gsm, try the nokia website anddownload the english manual.

Most settings depend on the operator you have subscribed to, thus call the customer service line and request to activate GPRS (note: that will be charged additionally and differently from voice calls). Then ask for the correct settings - in case of TCC you need to call a number and the system will sms those settings to the phone, you just need to save them then.
After that you press “0” for a second or two and the phone will establish a WAP over GPRS connection. Once done you can go to any other addresses (note: I couldn’t find MSN via WAP when I just tried …).

I just got my 6610i up and running with WAP/GPRS a few days ago. :slight_smile:

I might be because its a prepaid sim thats probbley part of the probblem I dont think I can use gprs with a prepaid sim