Non-native english teachers

What are the chances of getting a job teaching english if one is not technically a native speaker, but does have a high level of proficiency and can speak chinese? And yes, the “one” is me.

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Getting a job? Yes, quite possible. Getting an ARC/work permit? Not for English teaching, if you are not from a “Native speaking” country.

I believe, as far as the ROC is concerned, these are: Canada, USA, UK, Ireland, Oz, New Zealand, and RSA.

Have to have that “English-speaking country” passport.

I got a native Spanish speaking friend of mine into a university (part-time, though) with me a few years back to teach English. However, he had a US passport and he was such a gifted teacher that it really didn’t matter whether he was a native speaker or not. A few small English errors were much less important than the benefit the students got from having such a devoted, caring and skilled teacher.