Non Payment of Phone Bills

Calling any Lawyers:

My phone was stolen and someone ran up a large bill.

The police advised me not to pay until the matter was sorted out, however, the mobile phone company concerned are threatening a lawsuit, which they suggest could also result in me getting kicked out of Taiwan.

If this mobile company launched a successful lawsuit against me, would it result in me being thrown out of Taiwan??

I’m no lawyer but did find myself in the same situationa as yours. Main things are, did you file a police report and inform the phone company immediately when you lost your phone. If yes then i guess you’re fine, if not then it gets tough. Anyway I doubt you’ll get thrown out of the country for that.

From what I recall, a foreigner cannot get kicked out of Taiwan from having a civil action brought against him/her.

I agree with Shadowpok’s interpretation.

A friend has a similar case but with credit cards. Do you think he can leave the country?

Somebody stole his credit card and used it. He has reported it to the credit card company too late, it has a debt of about 100,000. Since he refused to pay, they have sued him. The procedure of verifying if its default will take about a month, but he has to renew his visa. Will he be able to leave the country?


Has he asked for verification of the signatures on those receipts? If they are not his signatures, he should be able to get the debt cancelled.

The credit card company told him that it would take a month to solve and he is still sued. He had not noticed his card was used until he received some letters asking him go to court or something.

The credit card company sent him some documents that had to be filled out mentioning what the problem was, and had it faxed back.

His visa expires and he has to leave within this week!!! Will he have a problem going out? Will he be allowed to re enter?

I hope that someone can post a reply to this inquiry before March 15, 2004. Thanks.

Is your friend spending time in Taiwan’s debtor’s prison, or what?

I hope that someone can post a reply to this inquiry before March 15, 2004. Thanks.[/quote]
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