Non-Smoking Clubs

Are there any clubs or places with music and dance that are non-smoking in Taipei? I don’t know jack about the “club” or “dance” scene here so some pointers would be helpful. My wife and I would really like a nice night out but we can’t stand to be in a smoke-filled environment.

Other than “stay home” or “wear an N-95 mask” we’d appreciate any helpful tips on places to go.

We’re not so old to be dead but we’re also not young whippersnappers either. Is there anything in this city for us?

Went to Juliana once and I remember you can’t smoke in there…but they played hip-hop music though…

Yuppie crowd. Not sure this is what meiguolangren wants…

There might be a folk mass in St Christophers church once a month - can’t imagine you could smoke at that - unless you include the incense

We’ve only just recently got non-smoking busses. If we can’t have non-smoking workplaces or shops, what chance is there for non-smoking clubs ? I expect smoking in places like that, one of the reasons I don’t go to them.

Don’t know of any but Brown Sugar is quite ok, usually not too crowded and the ventilation is quite good. No dance though.

Yuppie crowd. Not sure this is what meiguolangren wants…[/quote]

julianna’s is yuppie? more like completely TK(Tai Ke)…upscale betal nut slobs in printed sillk shirts, suit-pants, white socks, dress shoes, carrying those little ‘man-bags’…

and yes, u can smoke in there…honestly not many places in taipei where u cannot smoke…


Yuppie crowd. Not sure this is what meiguolangren wants…[/quote]

I was told that Juliana is mostly gangsters and such now, although I’ve never been. Has that changed?

Not music, but related:

Went to TGI Friday’s at Sogo today and asked for non-smoking. She replied that it’s all non-smoking now!! Yeeha! I can sit at the bar, sipping my glass of small beer without being fumigated out. Splendido!

(The ribs are on special right now, and not half bad either.)

I would guess the Forumosa Movie Club is non smoking?

[Cue: Jane’s Addiction, Jane Says]

Does anyone recall when the Source went non-smoking? What a disaster. Weber is often ahead of his time, but this time he was so far in front, no one could follow. On another note: I quit smoking tobacco 5 months ago. I really kicked this time.

Was it the Source? Or Fresh? Webster is the Source, Weber is Fresh. I do hope they go smoke-free. People can conveniently smoke outside or on the patio.