Non-Starbucks venues for one-on-one


I’ve got a new one-on-one student, who does not want to meet at a Starbucks, etc. She offered her office, but it’s way down in Muzha, too far to work in my schedule. Does anyone have any suggestions? A quiet cafe might be an ok counter-suggestion, since I assume the issue is noise. Location-wise, I’m hoping for something near an MRT statation on the green or blue line. Any thoughts?


My recent student suggested we do our classes at OK Mart, as he has small children at home.
So far it has been fine. We just asked them to turn the music down a little for the class. And, as long as we buy something, I’m sure it doesn’t bother them.
The OK Mart has a bench sofa and tables, as well as a counter at the window for customers to use. We use the bench sofa and table. Nobody else is ever there.

I’ve found MOS Burger is usually a good option. Plenty of tables and well lit, but some can be a little noisy though. You just need to find a quieter one or sit in a corner. Good luck!

Edit: Oh, and sometimes a little background noise is a good thing. It makes the student feel more relaxed and encourages them to speak louder (if they don’t you can’t hear).

I agree, a little noise is actually a good thing. It is good to practice to learn a language in a real conversation environment.

A dozen places right above the train station in the new food court area.

I do all of my privates at my place or theirs. As long as you or they have a living room or a study or something it can work quite well. No distractions and no pressure to buy stuff.