non-stick cooking oil spray (or coffee k-cups)

Looking all over for non-stick cooking spray (e.g., PAM), but no luck. Wellmans and Willie’s Deli seem to have permanently closed. Costco doesn’t stock it or coffee k-cups anymore. Any leads appreciated!

Willie’s Deli (G&G) is still up in Tian Mou, just off Tian Mou Square (No. 6, Lane 14, Section 7, Zhongshan North Road, Shilin District, Taipei City, 111).

I don’t know if they have your PAM spray or not though. I have not seen it elsewhere.

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Once in a while you can see cooking oil spray in some of the baking stores.

I’ve definitely seen oil spray bottles for sale recently, and you can put in the oil of your choice. But I can’t remember exactly where - most likely in Crate & Barrel (basement of the Breeze beside Taipei City Hall MRT Station). Could also have been in a City Super or Jason’s.


Shopee北美代購美國直郵PAM噴油天然有機橄欖果油低脂低卡路里健身不粘鍋噴霧油-i.228722747.4042526085 . BTW, in 2020, the answer to most of these questions are that it can be found online

Also some cheaper brands原廠正貨【露營中毒本鋪】-Guillen-西班牙噴噴油-噴噴油-噴霧式油瓶-特級初榨橄欖油-噴霧式橄欖油-噴霧油-氣炸鍋-i.4862389.7317076808現貨快速發貨🏆【94愛露營-實體店面】氣炸鍋-噴霧油-義大利進口-MANTOVA-噴霧式橄欖油-汽炸鍋-噴噴油-進口油-i.14793690.1936960984

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Glass spray bottle is like 100 NTD. Fill with choice of oil. Presto.

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I wonder what makes it non-stick - can’t just be the oil? I’ve tried wiping olive oil with a paper towel and it didn’t work for me.

Thanks! Didn’t know about and I’m not as good at searching online. Appreciate the help.

Either get a proper cast iron skillet or get a Made in France Tefal.