Noobie help with scooter purchase

perhaps i’m getting ahead of myself, but i’m moving to the island in the middle of october and my teaching job will require me to move around taoyuan county to teach at various locations. I’ve already asked about the legality of my international drivers permit but am now wondering how i will acquire one of these machines. i know nothing of scooter driving, purchasing, or the like. are there any good websites to find used scooters? i’m looking for something rather cheap but reliable. i dont really care about going fast, as i will likely need some time to get comfortable driving. any input is greatly appreciated!


Purchasing a used scooter is much the same as a car in that every one will have a differing history and condition. It is for these reasons that there may be no single place to recommend when purchasing, but there may at least be better after sales service in some places. I personally have never encountered recommendable after sales as far as used motorcycle service in Taiwan, so I don’t expect any and I have my bike serviced myself at a separate location from where I purchased it.

I’m not sure any international license may be used to ride a scooter in Taiwan. This was discussed the other week and I believe the law hasn’t changed and that all riders must take Taiwan riding tests and get Taiwan licenses. Don’t worry though, it is quite a simple test to take with only a little preparation and it is cheap to do.

ahh thanks!