Nooo, not another overstayer!Long story, but..Once upon a

As of today (Sunday, 16th Jan), I am an overstayer. I know you guys love long story’s so some of you can pick at bits and pieces of it without seeing the whole picture.
Have been working here for 2 years 3 months legally, finished my last job end of November 2004. Left Taiwan Monday December 13th, 04’. Another story in itself, was supposed to leave on the Sunday 12th Dec, But held up by KLM counter people at the airport who saw the word cancelled on my ReEntry permit. Told me I had to go to police. Duly went there hoping all would go well. Long story, argument, held up, missed plane, non-changealbe ticket, slept at airport and borrowed 7,200NT via friends credit card to get out of Taiwan. Airport police SAID would be ok to go on Monday (wished I got in in writing, too angry to think!). Again held up at KLM counter, argued again, refused to go to Police so they issued ticket and said I would have trouble at immigration. Breezed through and got out Monday night. I had every intention of coming back on a landing visa (last time I tried to get a visitors visa in HK, the "nice" lady went all Hitler on me, just flat out refused and wouldnt listen to anything I said), so to save argument and to have a holiday of debauchery. went to Thailand 4 days 3 nites. The night I got there (10.30pm ish), I (first time for everything I guess), lost my passport (wont tell you about cash and motorcycle papers etc). Only found out when I got to the hotel who asked me for my p/port! Hotel let me in because I had a photocopy of my p/port. Least I knew it was lost somewhere between the airport and the hotel, OR in the taxi. Called Bkk airport lost and found that night, notified NZ embassy, and Airport Police so I could get the Police Report. Because I couldnt wait the 10 days (no money etc to stay in BKK longer) I applied and borrowed money for an "Emergency Travel Document". Looks like a p/port, but only 8 pages and valid for a year. Its used by people who really need to travel, I had nowhere to stay after my hotel stay expired on Thursday, no money, and I would stil have had to wait 8 days, possibly more for my new replacement passport. I missed the plane again and again (another long story), but got to Taiwan on Friday night, 17th of December. First immigration guy I went to refused to recognize travel document, wouldnt even look at embassy letter, and was taken back to airport transition area by by Eva Air staff after much argument and cussing with everyone. While the staff made out the ticket for my return to Bangkok, (@#%^ knows what made me try), I went back to immigration, went to another immigration counter. My ETD was happily stamped with a 30day landing visa, and I was sent on my merry way!!! (So typical Taiwan).
Story so far, arrived Taiwan on Friday 17th Dec, landing visa 30 days.
Monday 20th, I applied for official application forms for new/replacement p/port. Passports normally take up to 10 days to process. Received forms on Thursday, 23rd Dec. Filled out, got photo’s, copies of police report etc etc, and could not meet up with my witness until Sunday 26th of Dec which she filled out. All completed by 26th Dec. I had used up 10 days of my landing visa.
My ETD had to go with this application. I asked if I could keep as I had no formal ID while waiting. They said no so sent it.
Posted application on Monday 27th of Dec,2004 by registered mail. I mistakenly assumed this was like a fast postal service sending by registered mail.
RECEIVED BY NZ Passport Office on TUESDAY 11th Jan 2005. who notified me by e’mail that day. Delay probably caused by public holidays in NZ. Who cares?? Whatever!
Anyways, that is the 26th day of my 30 day landing visa.
I received another e’mail Friday 14th Jan, from NZ passports asking what option I would like for sending my passport to me. I am taking this to mean that it has been approved and will subsequently be sent on Monday. I hope to receive it by end of next week, or sometime the week after. That will be 2 weeks after my expired landing visa.
I had already started researching and enquiring on what I should do regarding extending a landing visa (??? I have heard they will do under special circumstances), to the NZ Commerce and Industry Office (they were great, couldnt do anything but told me to got to Foreign Affairs. Tealit were no help, and ((PLUG - EXCELLENT SITE, They will respond to your questions with balanced and detailed information HIGHLY RECOMMENDED)). told me to go to Bureau of Consular Affairs. What confused me is that I only knew of the Foreign Affairs dept. at the police station in Taichung, WenShin Road. I went there, after they asked me for my passport, then my story, they told me to go to the Dept. of Foreign Aff.??? I was confused BUT, they did give me an address. It is called 2 names:
Ministry of Foreign Affairs / Department of Consular Affairs

Both names are on a name-plate outside the office door, and its on
503 Li Ming Road, Sec 2, Taichung i(Off TaichungGang Rd…sec 1 or 2 about…)
Its in a government complex, so dont look for a big sign on an office building.

They couldnt even consider helping me as I had no passport or official identification document to attach an extension to, even if it was ok’d!! (was polite and friendly throughout, and so were they actually).
I was there on Thursday 13th of January. At F.A., I knew then that I would be an overstayer.
What I’m worried about is not the penalty, its the variation of penalty. The money fine is doesnt worry me, and that is consistent. This may not affect me in my case, but I have also heard (want the source?), they charge an arbitrary tax figure based on NOTHING to people with lengthy overstays. Not sure about this, but shouldnt affect me anyway.
Because I do want to get back into Taiwan as I do have some assets (2 motorbikes and apartment load of stuff, plus my g/f’s things, she is back in her home country…oh ok, Thailand. She used to work here till November), and I want to continue working. Have to start my savings all over again…got a violin and a hanky?
I do not want to leave without knowing I am ok to get back in. I know there is no garantee for being allowed back in though, its just I’d rather overstay than not get back in until our possessions are sorted and/or sold. I dont want to leave this stuff behind, I need the money from it. My little savings have quickly dwindled, and I just got a job 2 weeks ago, part time but now school wants me full time from this Monday. Would my ARC application be affected by my overstay. Is overstaying a landing visa different to overstaying a visitors, or an ARC? I have found out some information from the posts on this site and others, and have been excellent in their correspondence and of what to do. Again, a highly recommended site for issues. Thanks, glad thats off my chest. Have a good day all! :rainbow:
Anyone know anything about this?

As you’ve read, each case gets handled a bit differently. It does seem to pay to be proactive in trying to resolve the problem. As soon as you get your new passport and your ETD back, take it in with all the documentation you have including your original mail receipt, the postmarked envelope, and copies of the email about your passport application, and take it all to the FAP and if necessary BOCA MOFA and ask them how to resolve the problem. If you do this as soon as you get your passport back they will probably be willing to help you resolve the problem.

And please post here whatever happens so that others in the same situation will know what to do.

Thanks jlick for the reply. I will certainly follow those instructions. One thing, do I still apply for an exit permit, and do I need some sort of “sponsor” or garantee when I leave? I do get 7 days to leave is that correct? And is it true, e.g. if you overstay say 3 days or 8 days, then I am unable to return for those number of days? i.e. 3days if i overstay that much. I will let you know what happens. Thanks again! :smiley: :notworthy:

Since you arrived on a landing visa, you don’t need a re-entry permit. Those are only for residents with ARC. Overstay penalties can range from a fine to being banned for 1 year or more. It is impossible to say what will happen to you as the punisments other posters have reported varied so much. Since it is at their discretion, the sooner you can go in and show all your documentation and the more polite you can be, the better.

[quote=“jlick”]Since you arrived on a landing visa, you don’t need a re-entry permit. Those are only for residents with ARC.
Sorry, excuse my dopey-ness… :loco:…Umm… what do you mean by this i.e. that I dont need a re-entry permit? I’ve had 2 re-entry permits when working previously, but had to leave after last job and came back on the landing visa, I was just wondering what you mean that I dont need a re-entry…excuse my duh-ness for missing your meaning…long day!
I’m kinda (See: DESPERATELY) hoping for passport this week, but if things go ok, next week…and if things dont go ok…sigh… :astonished:
Again, I will keep you updated. May the force be with you! And have a great day!!

I mean that when you arrive on a landing visa, you don’t need a re-entry permit to leave. However, after you sort this out and leave the country, if you want to come back as a resident you will have to start that whole process again.