Nootropics Brain Supplements and Equivalents in Taiwan

Does anyone have any experience, information or Taiwan references on what is available in Taiwan of a western type or perhaps something in Taiwan that is equivalent maybe some Chinese medicine?

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Holy crap I was just thinking/searching for the same thing. I would definitely be interested in this as well.

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I know it’s late, I mentioned this in another forum the other day. There’s a company I came across that looks like they’re in the Health / Nootropic’s business. Though they currently have very few products and their one supplement offering is currently sold out. Might be a place to keep an eye on in the future. Here’s a link to their English page… It’s called ‘Focused Taiwan Nootropics

Anyone know anything about Glutathione, an antioxidant produced by plants that supposedly improves brain functioning?

Haven’t heard of that. I use whisky for the same purpose and it usually works and when it doesn’t I don’t really notice.


Then it’s time to change whiskey.

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Alpha BRAIN by Onnit (Joe Rogan) seems to be the latest OTC supplement with some top mixed martial arts MMA athletes. Some “famous” people say it’s great, but clinical trials or studies haven’t really identified any major improvement in brain functioning. Available on iHerb.

Anyone tried it?

Does it have stimulants? I hate even mild stimulants. I don’t drink any coffee. I feel shitty and it’s kills my appetite. I used to like adderal, basically meth. I could do so much and focus and made me super into details. But I couldn’t eat for an entire day on it. My golf game would be so much better on it though.

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Supposedly no stimulants and no increased feeling of stimulation. But brain cognizance improves.

I have some Alpha G supplements that’s suppose to work. Not sure if it does anything though. Don’t really notice much.

Are you looking for some exotic plant stuff smashed together by chinese herbalist speaking in Taiwanese ?

Coz there’s a shop across my apartment. And I can ask if you want them, because pretty sure they have everything you need lol.

(I don’t know if it works tho - since, when I was a kid - I was being force drink this bitter soup, which is supposed to make me taller, but I’m still short)

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I don’t think it works. All my cousins drank it and I didn’t. I’m the only one who grew lol.

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I wish I know what they have, maybe could make my own concoction. Seriously. But if they told me their secrets, then it wouldn’t be their secret anymore.

It makes me wonder what kind of stuff they smashed together for things like erectile dysfunction. It’s crazy how these quack doctor knows a lot. Gotta respect that tradition and inherited knowledge I guess. Hey, I wonder if there’s an actual course or degree to study on these things - are these part of curriculum of Chinese medicine?

You don’t need to know. Just trust them. Drink 3x a day or something to that effect.

Yes, you can be a Chinese medicine doctor. You need a degree. Many real doctors have degrees in Chinese medicine to go along with it. My neighbor is one of the head of Chinese medicine at a hospital and he got caught putting real medicine lol. They just slapped him with a fine. Pretty crazy.

I believe it’s the main reason for high number of liver cancer in Taiwan. Some of the ingredients are already proven to give you cancer. I suspect there’s more.

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Oh wow. I never thought of that. I didn’t realize they are real doctors.

Well in Taiwan they are considered real doctors basically. NHI will cover it here. But I’m not a believer at all. I’m sure some things have medical properties, but you run a risk putting it in your body because you don’t know everything it has in it. You can also make the case that placebos do help.

Some hospitals have Chinese medicine departments.

This is not my area, but what do MMA athletes need with nootropics? Is it just them or for all athletes?

Also, I get Ultra racetram from Lucky Vitamin. It feels like it works.