Nootropics Brain Supplements and Equivalents in Taiwan

I have , obviously , never taken anything to improve my brain function :smirk:perhaps the time is nigh :cry:


Focus and concentration. It’s not like they just go out there swinging. They read the opponent and time them. If they’re grappling, it’s like a super intense game of speed chess countering each other’s move.

Many athletes use them. Caffeine and other stimulants are nootropics.

Indeed it does. Also massively improved my actual chess game.

I assume modafinil is a no-go over here? I pretty much just arrived here and left a load in London as I didn’t want to take any chances.

I just order l-theanine in nootropics depot. I hope arrived, coffee gives me anxiety and l-theanine seem to help with that, I didn’t find here.

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Are you still interested in this question?

I am - what you selling?

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I heard iodine taken orally can be good for you.
Our local shops only have topical iodine.

As below

OK, I’ll be in touch

I bought this one to try, Mind Labs Pro. Really having trouble focusing for my 1 year masters with my ADHD. Maybe it can help.


Try daily meditation for 40-50 minutes. Nothing is better than this for ADHD, outside regular exercise and my meds

I got this today.

These are interesting, although maybe not much radically new, or radical.

I’m looking for more radical targeted brain power.

I have yet to ask a Taiwan doctor for something more specific.

I actually do feel like Mindlab Pro does help a bit. I’ve been using it and I feel a little more calm and focused on it. It has no stimulants, which I like. I drink some tea for I need some stimulants and it helps a lot.

The effects are not too long lasting though, maybe around 4 hours. Which is fine for studying for me. Helps with my ADHD.


Anyone get any good recommendations for decent nootropics that are available in Taiwan, or a decent source that ships them here?

Looking to boost my concentration, memory and stamina for a mountain load of work I’ve got coming up.