Northern Lights Aurora Borealis Visibility from Taiwan (April Fools)

Yangmingshan “early April 2nd may present the best chance to see this natural phenomenon”

“atmospheric scientists from Taiwan’s prestigious research institute have identified a moderate chance that Aurora Borealis will be visible from areas surrounding Yangmingshan National Forest in Taipei, Taiwan.”

Possibly more unexpected is that YMS "received the designation as the [World’s First Urban Quiet Park](Yangmingshan National Park - World's First Urban Quiet Park — Quiet Parks International) in late 2020".

I guess whoever checked YMS for quietness didn’t go when the scooters are zooming through like bats flying out of hell and other hellish traffic situations.


April fools much?


I did actually search for northern lights news before reading the article, guessing that there were forecasts of strong aurora activity that someone in Taiwan had foolishly taken to mean they’d be visible here: so I assumed a different kind of foolishness than what’s actually going on. And based on the headlines, there does indeed seem to be unusual aurora activity this week.

But for us to see it in Taipei, damn, that’s a solar storm that’s going to seriously fry our electronics and perhaps end modern civilization. Or at least crash it for a couple of years.


They did reach Kyoto three hundred years ago but it wouldn’t be possible to predict that sort of freak occurrence.


I wonder why they predict YMS might have visibility and not any of the other higher more secluded mountain area south of Taipei.

Seems almost like another tourism gimmick.

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This is an April fools joke by Parkbus…

I’m not sure what level of seriousness we’re at here … you did read the article you linked, right?

Both the local and foreign communities across Taiwan are also thrilled by the news. “ It’s hard enough just to find Kraft Dinner in Taiwan. Now we get the Northern Lights? Things are looking up right now in Taiwan, ” stated Carla, a 4-year resident of Tainan from Manitoba, Canada.

The crowds are expected to converge on Yangmingshan National Park and surrounding areas in Early April. In an attempt to reduce car traffic, Parkbus Taiwan has decided to offer free transportation between Taipei Main Station and the Yangmingshan Flower Clock (陽明山花鐘) during the peak periods of this phenomenon. The period where the aurora borealis will be most visible in Yangmingshan National Forest is between April 2nd and April 9th, 2022.

In case you didn’t know already…… April Fools!

I read the details but not the last sentence where declares it’s an April Fool joke.


Fuck Parkbus. Not getting support from me ever.

I’m actually a member of some of their social media and event announcements talkin about activities but not anymore.

I WAS planning to join some upcoming events. NOT NOW.

Parkbus sucks.

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Strangely they did say Calif at the border with Oregon might get a glimpse

I don’t want to go hiking with any organization that is this inept and tone deaf about publishing announcements.

They might be equally inept at the the important things like driving or guiding hikes in the mountains.

The joke continues, right?

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Maybe you is just inept at playing April Fools?

You are literally the only person to react in this way. We had a long and lively thread on FB about this. No one had any issue with it.


The internet, and especially the past five years, have largely broken parody. It’s so hard to tell now.


Only the past five years? I remember thinking the Onion headlines were writing themselves starting around 2008, and really picking up the longer the GOP tried to show how much they hated Obama, instead of doing their jobs, which is, umm, to pass laws and stuff based on the demands of the people.

In my lifetime, there was one time I was able to see the northern lights from Door County, WI. That’s not quite to Canada, but it’s pretty far north within the US. If you could see them Taipei, it might actually be the end of the world…

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Hey Tango42!

Firstly, we have to agree - Parkbus sucks (at writing April Fool’s jokes and not making them outlandish enough for people to be hoodwinked).

Secondly, we’re really sorry this article and April Fool’s didn’t sit well with you.

Hope you can forgive us and we promise if you did decide to support us (or use our service) we’d have your back.

Stay golden.




I maybe overreacted but I did spend time reading and writing up a discussion topic.

Yea, it wasn’t outlandish enough, could have been some freak occurrence in the sky that wasn’t really the Northern Lights or a bad news story.

I’ll still support you Parkbus because I hear good stuff.


I was just reading how the recent solar flare will make it possible to see northern lights from 30 states in the US tonight. As far south as Tennessee, Texas, Alabama…

Which brought me to this thread. So is it always impossible for us here in Taiwan?