Norton antivirus

I’m going to buy Norton. Would it be best/cheapest/easiest to by a CD in a shop or buy online and download? Where from?


Are you buying the Norton Suite or just it’s Anti-virus program? If the latter, there’s so many better ones out there – Panda, Grisoft AVG and PC-Cillin for example. Panda and AVG are less expensive than Norton. AVG gives you a 2 yr license for one price.

One of the awful things that Nav does is it leaves traces of itself on the computer if you uninstall it which can interfere with your applications (e.g. Outlook).

I never could understand why people insist on buying Norton and McAfee. Those products suck. It’s one thing for the uneducated user, but we’re not uneducated users here. I’ve used all three of my recommendations personally and professionally and can attest to their quality.

I don’t know if AVG’s professonal AV is better, but already by testing the free version side-by-side with Norton AV, I’ve been impressed more with NAV. It’s actually checking my e-mail, despite the fact I use Thunderbird (AVG can’t/won’t), and it’s caught at least one virus that AVG, in the two months or so since my last reinstall, as missed.

And Bri - can’t you purchase online? Isn’t that what the “Registration” thing NAV keeps bugging you about is?

I bought NAV online - easy peasy. Of course I had to use a UK credit card as the Taiwanese banks won’t allow me the privilege of a Taiwan card…

Yes, as pointed out above, NAV can’t really be fully uninstalled. It also puts a hell of a drain on my machine, which would otherwise be quite fast.

I have seen English copies of Norton is shops. But where can I buy a English copy of PC-Cilline ?

Oh, DEFINITELY head to Ebay for this one.

OEM software (CD, no manual) isn’t as cheap as it once was, but there are still some awesome bargains.

If you can settle for last year’s software, you can get a 2003 Norton Utilities Professional suite (includes NAV) on Ebay for 10 bucks or so, plus maybe 5 for shipping.

Can’t beat that deal. If you must have the newest of the new (2004), it may cost 30 to 40 bucks.

If you just want NAV, I’d say you could get that for quite cheap - just do an Ebay search.

I’ve been buying software off Ebay for years. It’s all 100% legit and legal, and has never been registered.

Just BE CAREFUL and make sure the version you get has 1 year of updates. Most do, but there are some with much shorter update lifespans, so read the item description carefully.

I’ve been buying software off Ebay for years. It’s all 100% legit and legal, and has never been registered.[/quote]

You have got to be joking. 100% legit and legal? Bollocks. But genuine products do make up by far a majority of the software available.

I want Norton. It works well. It picked up a lot of stuff AVG missed and basically got my computer doing the job, so that’s why I want it.

I realise I can jsut click the register/buy button on my trial version, but I was guessing that online stores may have it cheaper than buying striaght from Norton. Also I thought maybe it might be cheaper in stores.

I want the antivirus, not the whole suite.

I can’t be arsed with reigstering on E-bay but thanks for the suggestion.

Oh, noticed that Norton have a substantial return-customer discount if you give them a valid product number. Anyone willingto PM their poroduct number so I can get the discount?


Tetsuo - if you re-read what I wrote, you’ll see my comments about 100% legitimate software followed a statement about my own purchases on Ebay.

I don’t know or really care what other people do on Ebay, but the software I’ve bought has been genuine. I typically buy from people with feedback in the thousands. If they were selling bootlegs, Ebay would have axed their accts early on.

100% of the time, the software I’ve received has been unused and legitimate and has worked 100% of the time, including on-line registration and product updates.

It’s fairly easy to spot legitimate dealers. But I suppose less experienced or more lazy Ebayers may experience a higher dupe ratio. There are a lot of scammers using Ebay - a far cry from 5 years ago when I started on the site.

Actually, Bu, if you don’t want the utilities (which are half useful, half not so useful) I would recommend getting Norton Internet Security which includes an excellent firewall as well as NAV. Again, last year’s version will only cost $10 or less.

Buying OEM software on eBay will save you definitely save you a bundle. It’s well worth the few minutes you spend registering. Not sure about international shipping though…

You can usually hold sellers to 5 or 6 USD, though actual shipping is around $2.55 in a standard mailer.

Biggest Ebay tip - always make sure how much they’re going to charge for shipping before buying!

Fortunately, there are plenty of sellers, so you can ignore the jerks who try to cover their Ebay and Paypal fees by gypping you on shipping.

My bad Naruwa, I misread - I thought the 100% was in reference to software on eBay, not the software you have bought from eBay. I stand corrected.

No worries. :slight_smile: