Norton Internet Security and gmail

I just upgraded my CPU and motherboard, and now when I turn on Norton Internet Security, it won’t run. I can’t turn it on. I can’t go to options as it doesn’t recognize me as the supervisor, nor will it let me uninstall it, even from the Windows add/remove programs box. And in this wierd state, it won’t let me access and some other websites for some reason. Symantec has one of the crappiest support systems I’ve ever seen, and there’s simply no way to get in touch with them about the problem. Is there any way to get inside this damn program?

Did you upgrade to the XP service pak 2 with built in firewall?
There is a conflict. I had to reformat a harddrive because of it. Pain in the butt.

Norton/Symantec has a Taiwan office. I am sure you can get the telephone support number off of their internet website.

No, I don’t have service pack 2. I will see if I can find the symantec number here.

Is your hard drive in NTFS format or FAT/VFAT/FAT32?

If NTFS, did you turn on Microsoft’s encryption option (“you poor bastard”)?

I realize this makes me sound like a broken record, but you can use Knoppix or Morphix to break into the HD, as long as it’s *FAT or (risky but possible) unencrypted NTFS. Delete a few critical files for Norton and you’re free again. … rpdir.html
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電話 +886 2 8761 5800
傳真 +886 2 2742 2838

Thanks, I called them, downloaded an uninstaller, and got rid of Internet Security. The gmail problems and extra-long startup (everything loads, but computer doesn’t respond for a minute or two) remain, so I wonder if the norton problem was a symptom of some other problem rather than the cause. The question is now should I download and reinstall Norton? I recall the last time I had this problem fixing IS fixed it.