Nose Doctor (North American or European trained)

I’ve been having some difficulty breathing, mainly because my nose is too long and thin and when I go to take a deep breath, everything collapses from the outside. I’ve been to doctors here but they just look at me and shake their head, they just don’t see many long thin noses. So I thought I’d try looking for a NA or Euro trained doctor to have a look before I fly home to get this checked out. Any suggestions?

First, sorry I can’t help with this one. Hopefully somebody else can. I strongly suggest however that you get this done at home as you indicate. Even a doc here who is trained is not going to be in practise on this.

I had this problem because I have a long thin head (see avatar) and was suprised to find my Uncle had it and even discussed his Dad had considered having an operation. I had thought about it. Even things like wanted to smell the ocean breeze or similar was impossible.

So, I had a car accident and wiped out half my face with a “degloved” nose. Not pretty I suspect. 3 nose operations later and I can breath deeply because they fixed the problem you mention as well. Thanks for reminding me of how good it is.

Knowing what I know now I’d have the operation. I was annoyed by the problem on a daily basis.

One of those foreign trained nose-ear-throat meds is

1F, No. 100, Sec. 4, Bade Rd.
Taipei City
Phone: (02) 2767 6349

His clinic is very close to the Living Mall (“Ching Hua”). Dr. Chen studied in USA and his English is rather good.