Not a fan of the new click preview


Now when I’m on my phone and I click someone’s username, just a small preview pops up telling me when they joined and were last active. I find I now have to hold down on their name and open their page in a new browser window just to see it. I much preferred it before when a simple click would take you directly to their user page.


I see the new pop up, but I get to the user page with just a click on the avatar/username there.

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Isn’t this how the desktop version has worked all this time?


IIRC the preview shows up if your cursor hovers over the name, but a click still takes you to their page. I could be wrong though. I rarely use desktops these days.

It’s not a big deal, I guess.


The desktop has always been that way, yes.


Same here.
It’s just one extra click for a function that we don’t userl all the time. In fact, I think the the pop up is quite helpful.