Not allowed to post how to file a lawsuit? Why?

i post a legitimate legal question without mentioning names
and i get it removed for no apparent reason.
i’ve seen people keep their post up about mashed potatoes burning their mouths for weeks but somehow my post shouldn’t be viewed by others
the mods. here are bias
why shouldn’t my topic be discussed?

You posted information that identified the individual, as well as medical information that may or may not be accurate. At any rate, that’s irrelevant. We protect the privacy of all of our members from “outing” like this. If you wish to pursue your concerns, do so in a manner that does not publically identify the person whith whom you have a dispute, especially seeing as this dispute has nothing to do with his business. Forumosa is not a venue for a personal shitfight.

Thanks for your understanding and compliance.

Forumosa Admin