Not another newspaper thread!

Which newspaper is most deserving of your $15NT?

  • The China Post
  • The Taipei Times
  • The Taiwan News

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:shock: Yes, that’s right boyz and girlz - [color=red]a newspaper thread![/color]
Don’t worry about comments - actually, it’s already all been said before. I just wanted to make a new poll, since the poll from didn’t make the leap to

Let the flames begin!

I voted for the Taipei Times, but I really feel it could do with a larger section devoted to birds, which should run every day.

Whats up with the newspaper [color=violet]fetish[/color] around here?

It’s not a fetish. It’s directly related to the number of current and former TT employees who post here. Mirror, mirror…

On a practical note, the poll should include the choice of “none of the above.”

BTW, an increase in the number of bird pictures, and perhaps a few more coral pics in the TT would not only obviate the need to include the “none of the above” option, but also necessitate a price increase.

HOLY CRAP!!! There’re English-language newspapers on this island!!!

How come no one told me?


my pet bird like all three newspapers,as for me “none of the above” :smiley:

WTF? Todays Times front page “China all worked up”

“The successes of the five Taiwanese enterprises are detailed in the book, Developing Value: The Business Case for Sustainability in Emerging Markets, that was published in Julby the International Finance Corporation (a member of World Bank Group), the strategy consultants SustainAbility and the Ethos Institute in Brazil.”

And another howler, same page, “Rules eased”

“Among those present at yesterday’s meeting were Richard Vuylsteke, executive director of the American Chamber of Commerce; Guy Wittich, CEO of the European Chamber of Commerce; Kazuhiro Kasama, Director of Japanese Chamber of Commerce and Industry’s Public Information Committee; and managers from United Airlines, General Electronics , Phillips, ING, Procter & Gamble and Sony.”

Come on people, get it together over there!

I like the Post’s cartoons, so I guess I’ll hold my nose and vote for the Post. Yes, “Luanne’s” fat brother became an ambulence guy to honor 9-11, and managed to rescue her best friend’s crippled boyfriend from a fire in time for the 9-11 anniversary next month. Similarly exciting drama in “For Better Or For Worse” in which a sordid tale of young Canadian college lust has given way to some yawner about the family’s grandfather. And “Dilbert”! And I actually like “Mr. Potato-head”, though it’s not an all-time great. “Beetle Bailey” has been lame for years, I’m afraid. Let’s see…the Times has “Boondocks” which is quite good. I do miss “Alex” and “Pirhana Club” (formerly known as…what? I forget.)

The Post and Times are basically wire-reports, plus local news which is often highly spun. The Post is pro-unification, the Times pro-independence, and I’m not sure what to make of the News. They always seem to print speeches by government officials, in original Chinese and English translation. (If I could figure out why they do that, I could figure out the paper, I think.) Oh well, at least they’ve got Doonesbury.

A few weeks ago the Post editorialized against prostitution. It’s immoral, and so should be illegal, they say. So what ideology are we dealing with here, since I doubt that it is Bible-thumping conservativism? (I only lightly tap mine for emphasis.) I wrote asking whether hypocrisy, being immoral, ought also to be illegal, and if so whether newspapers which editorialize against prostitution yet print thinly-disguised hooker ads deserve some sort of punishment. They didn’t print my letter, though!

[quote]“Pirhana Club” (formerly known as…what? I forget.)


when the original poll was on oriented, i voted Taiwan News out of pity. today i voted Chinapost because it’s thickest of the three. next time there’s a poll i’ll vote TaipeiTimes because i don’t really care which newspaper tells me the movie times at my favorite local theater.
as for which one i actually enjoy reading, it depends. sometimes i like to look at funny pictures (today post’s front page has a classic, chinese sandbaggers in their underpants), sometimes i like to do a typo-hunt (really they’re all good for this) for which i prefer the news, and sometimes i need to keep the rain off my head (most convenience stores seem to get more copies of the times, perhaps for this reason).

what about the Asia Wall Street :laughing: i read it more then the other three.

Woah, Don, you’re entering the realm of real newspapers there!

I think this poll is more about the local waste of trees than the actual real papers. And while the AWSJ or the IHT might be printed here (?) they aren’t actually produced here.

:shock: oops sorry sandman, your right about that, how about the local chinese papers? more local info but mostly crap just like the english papers,but only for 10nt. :stuck_out_tongue:

Now the Taipei Times can’t even spell the names of their buddies properly. Where’s it all going to end? Chen Chu really has a hard time. Not only has she been referred to in the TT before as man (like Tsai Ing-wen for that matter) but this time I guess the reporter just couldn’t be bothered at all. Chen only has 2 characters in her name. How fucking simple could it be?

And in monday’s “Youth Central” we have this classic:
“It is the teeth of chainsaws thousands of kilograms to the north …”
Ask yourselves this. Youth Central … could you use this as a tool to teach English?

NOTA gets my vote, although if forced to, China Post would get my NT$15 for the comics.

How come none of the newspapers can get the news when news happens? Take the story about Richard Armitage, who said the US neither supports nor opposes Taiwan independence. That was front page headlines in all the Chinese newspapers, but totally ignored by the three English-language rags. What gives?

Oh come on, that’s not really news – or at least, its not interesting news.

I’d just like to ask how many of the Chinese papers reported today that you can see gold dots in the sky in Hsinchu AND eat meatballs?

Now THAT’S real news. Thanks, Taipei Times! :smiley:

I’d just like to say how BAD BAD BAD the quality of the Taipei Times has become during the three years I’ve been here, I know they pride themselves on the standard of design and layout but there’s more to a newspaper than pretty pictures, for example last weekend’s front page “…russian fissiles”

hahaha !!

As three of the copy editors and two of the business reporters are doing at the TT – leaving. They are the smart rats; what about the rest of you on the sinking ship?

So s-d. The China Post celebrates its 50th anniversary today and its editorial headline isn’t even printed properly, some gremlin took the top line and melted it! How sad, that nobody there stayed late to make sure that on this day of all days, the editorial page would be perfect. Embarrassing? S-d.

If you don’t know what I am talking about, walk over the local 711 and read a copy now, page 8 I think. Other than that, great paper once again, and a nice freelance story on the Features page with Nancy Lu on a rare day off. I vote for all three English papers: let them stay!

The KMT rag, the DPP rag and the TSU rag; they make this island interesting … and if nothing else, understandable.

Are English papers any better in Korea, Thailand or Japan? Anybody worked there?