Not for Hipsters - 23 Brewery

Finally! A beer that truly represents my tastes as an Android/Windows loving Starbucks/Apple hating normal-clothes-wearing person. 23 Brewery Beer in Taipei City is the beer for me when I wanna express my nonhipsterieness.

Not for Hipsters.

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Marketing to the hipsters I see.

But are hipsters really still a thing? I guess they evolve onto the next or something.

A previous incarnation:


I’m gonna use that. ‘Hey! Don’t be such a Macaroni!’

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I actually really like that beer. And I’m way too old for that handle.

Hipsters love irony and pretending they’re better than other hipsters. So they’ll love this.

Honestly, no. They haven’t really been a thing since the early aughts. Now they’re all “alt.”

Hipsters are definitely still a thing. They’re just constantly evolving depending on whatever is trendy (or at least what they perceive to be so).

I mean, there’s always an alternative culture, but the quintessential “hipster” of the time when everybody was calling each other (or accusing each other of being) a hipster is long dead. Like the bearded flannel dudes and Zooey Deschanel types.


Nobody in my generation really calls anyone a hipster anymore because this is what comes to mind, and it’s weirdly dated now.

My coworker is a bearded dude who wears flannel shirts and black-rimmed glasses (thankfully they have lenses). He’s pretty insufferable at times. I don’t know if hipsters self-label themselves as such. But there’s still people like that around.


Yeah, I see them sometimes…but they’re livin’ in the past! All the cool kids have moved on. :sunglasses:

At least man buns are pretty much over. Right…?

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To be fair, he’s in his 30s. So maybe he’s a leftover from the 00s that never matured.

Manbuns are the worst.

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I bet so. But it could be worse. He could have a man bun.

From my observation of some years in Asia, us foreigners get stuck in the era of whenever it was when we left our homes. If you see anyone walking around like in the picture below, you can probably bet they are a forumosan.



I think that’s the same wherever you go. My grandparents as well as parents/grandparents of classmates, friends, colleagues in my city came from Italy to Canada in the 1950s and we still hold onto that frozen culture despite Italy largely changing and progressing without us.


Most people get “stuck” eventually. I think best case scenario is you just adopt a sort of timeless nondescript style as you get older.

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It’s just my pinstripe suits are feeling a little warm today :face_with_raised_eyebrow::cold_sweat:

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Only the ironic ones.

There are other kinds?