Not insomnia but can't stay asleep

I’ve been waking up strangely in middle of night. And so have at least 2 of my friends.

Change of temperatures, sunlight, moods, etc.

Noise coming through windows.

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Go t sleep later like normal people do.

I’ve got the same thing: getting to sleep is seldom a problem; staying asleep is. It may run in families. My mother started suffering from it around age 40, and that’s about the age it started for me - so like @marasan says, age is quite likely part of it too.

For me, the problem becomes more common when I’m stressed about something, but can happen at any time. There doesn’t seem to be much of a correlation with if I’ve had any alcohol at night (except in obvious cases like “Oh yeah, drinking a can of beer right before bed was a dumb idea”). I don’t drink coffee after 3pm anyway, so that’s presumably not a factor. It also doesn’t seem to be connected with exercise I did or didn’t do.

Once in a while, yes, it’s toilet related, especially when the weather cools down and I’m still drinking summer-heat-levels of water. But usually not. (I assume this will change as I advance deeper into middle age!)

I wish I had a good solution! What I tend to do: play a podcast or audiobook on a timer for 15 minutes - the goal is to distract me from the extraordinarily unhelpful “Oh no I can’t sleep thoughts!” If after 15-30 minutes, that doesn’t work, I basically give up and read for 30-60 minutes, then try again with an audiobook.

The advice I’ve read is: don’t just stay in bed getting stressed out about it. That’s about the worst thing to do.

I do also try to minimize potential distractions. That means closed windows (where I live isn’t that noisy, but the occasional roaring scooter would wake me up), and - something that may not work in your household! - keeping the pets out of the bedroom.

I assume that the importance of following a regular sleep schedule is obvious?

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The problem is if I basically say “forget sleep, not sleepy at all”, I end up not sleeping at all, but by around 8am or so I’m so tired all I want to do is sleep. You can’t have a 9-5 job like this. My body clock basically “sleeps” whenever it wants to.

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Diet. Energy exertion. Stimulation (both environmental and chemical) and etc aside. in anoisy bright city. Sleep dark, quiet and without distractions. Then couple wih excecise to burn yourself out and get rid of all that excess food energy most people have the luxury of abusing. Ther are so many reasons for shit sleep. And there are so mnay reasons we all live shit lives. Try to improve your health and almost for sure sleep improves.

Nutritionist friends suggested it could be low blood sugar. try keeping some almonds or something next to your bed and nibble if you wake. If that’s it, you should be able to fall back asleep.

Pretty sure my problem is not low blood sugar…