Not received promised bonus

It’s a bit late, but from the beginning, everything should have been done with a smile on your face while immediately starting on a new job search.

I had something similar some years ago. I immediately started looking for another job and had signed a job offer in two weeks. With everything signed and done, I then confronted by boss.

Never looked back. The operation/department has since closed down and I’m not at all surprised. It was a gift, really, what this boss did to me.

Perhaps you can still implement some kind of similar plan, like acting as if you don’t care about the bonus any more.


Thanks for all the advice! Luckily I’m not renewing my contract and that’s probably why I’m not getting the bonus. There were a great number of things my boss was trying to rip me off on, like holidays, sick leave calculations, reimbursements etc. It took a very long evening to get most of them resolved. I still have to get a few more smaller ones resolved. I think I will go there, sign for the money, while stating it is a partial payment and say I’ll go to the Labour Ministry.

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These are debatable. They are actually phrases that don’t say anything.

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Ok, my boss got back to me and she asked her lawyer. Apparently she doesn’t have to pay me the bonus, but also, she doesn’t have to pay me my attendance bonuses, when I took sick leave. So I presume she will try to take them out of my airfare compensation bonus or salary. I’m going to pick up my pay on Monday, not looking forward to it :unamused: .

It’s easier in the sales world where you hit a given figure.
In the end this boss sounds like a right ***** . Unfortunately she is NOT atypical there are a LOT of cynical greedy business owners in Taiwan. Similar was done to me in my time.

I’d say threaten her with reporting to the tax office but I think buxibans don’t pay any tax …Legally. :neutral_face:


If it’s ordinary sick leave (普通傷病假) and not occupational sick leave (公傷病假), that’s correct.

Regulations of Leave-Taking of Workers

However, if she didn’t pay you (up to a certain amount – see Art. 4) for those days, you have a case against her.


Iirc it depends on whether it’s technically a stand-alone buxiban or belongs to a company (as would be revealed in the full legal name of the buxiban), but there was some talk about changing the rule. :thinking:

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