not so technologically advanced..


Cash, gold, same deal


Have you ever seen or used those old school Japanese ordering machines with physical buttons you have to press? I remember using one in Shinjiku (spelling?) when I visited over 10 years ago and I came across one at a ramen shop here in Taipei. Those can be confusing as hell, but once you get the hang of it, it actually saves a load of time. Especially those ramen places that only have bar seats.


Cash is much more comfortable inside your mattress, trust me.


Get it yourself, no human interaction!

I guess the new technology let you pay for it contact less or over a QR code.

uit de muur


That looks absolutely delicious!


The ‘kitchen’ is behind it and the ‘lockers’ get stocked all day long into the night.


I’ve been meaning to go to the Netherlands just to try those.


QR pay!


Poo tempura.
I guess it’s like they say, them Japanesers will eat anything!!



That’s what the Japanese say about the Chinese. :idunno:

I’ll say it again: demand for humans will never disappear. People will pay extra for well trained servants – in restaurants, taxis, anywhere – with fancy uniforms and cute accents. Just wait for it to become trendy. :money_mouth_face:


Fixed that for you. :wink:


sounds pretty pointless. don’t they have a delivery option too, where you order it online then go to the shop yourself to pay and pick it up, so its like a less waiting option only…


Now you’re being silly again. As if robots would have to pay their slaves! :rofl:


But is it the kind that “comes from within”? :wink:


No no no, they’re paying other robots for the privilege of being served by their slaves. C’mon, it’s robot overlord economics 101.


Yes. From within my mattress. :grin:


Will robots pay each other, or will they go all “Robot will never charge robot” (as in “ape will never kill ape”)? @discobot fortune


:crystal_ball: Reply hazy try again


Will they charge, or will they not charge? @discobot fortune