not so technologically advanced..


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Of course he’s being coy about it. Don’t want to rattle the humans’ cages.


Okay DB, you got me. Will they charge? (No trick this time!) @discobot fortune


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i dont think people are really being replaced with the examples i mentioned though. you still need people to work on the self service checkouts (in uk at least) because they have problems, and you need to clear certain items like alcohol and medicine. the more people working on those the better actually.

in macdonalds it just seemed to be a better environment, added table service ect. didn’t seem like there were less jobs needed.


It looks like robonomics is a more complicated science than you’ve imagined, Doc. :2cents:


i’ve used them here and in japan. both times the staff had to explain them. they seem to be quite common in japan. they were ok, didn’t impress me all that much compared to those new mac D tablets.


Well, the rise of the robots is a product of the capitalist system, so it makes sense that they would continue to propagate said system. Who knows, it may even become their religion.


I tried that when I was young, too bad I never got to use it, my mom threw out the mattress.


I guess your mom was a stand-in for the nanny state. :grin:


Seems like it’s part of their culture? Maybe @urodacus or @okonomiyaki can explain, but from my experiences in Japan and at some Japanese style restaurants, like the ramen shop and Ichiran Ramen, the overlapping theme is, minimalist interaction with customers.

Now I know not all Japanese restaurants are like this, but it’s a style that you don’t often see in the western world.


If you have registered your Yoyo card, Mayoer Ko can analyze the data on it and know your daily whereabouts.


Like Japanese toilets, those things are kryptonite to me. Can’t figure em out.


They had something similar here at MRT stations, but serving full meals, like whole dished of cooked pork, three cup chicken. The idea is that if you were a family head, you could pick up dinner after work.


They also want to upsell you, McDonalds always calculates everything very carefully.


arnt those gone already? seemed like a pretty odd thing.


Probably because the wages are so low here that there is not incentive to invest in automation.


So as soon as wages go up there will be automation?

What is the reason behind China’s epayment widespread? Government control? Distrust over fake currency? Just plain convenience over all those coins and denominations?


Yep, all correct!


I think people slow to change here, or accept new systems in stores. Went to new Ramen (a chain from Japan) shop across from Taipei station for lunch, vending machine ordering/payment system disabled, asked why, staff said most people had trouble to use it. Many needed to ask for help to use it, so they had someone now take orders and tell the cook.