not so technologically advanced..


Who still eats at McDonalds? Haven’t stepped foot in one (except to use a restroom) in a decade.


Oh you hero!


The rest are just bonuses.


Culinary signaling 101.


I may have been too hasty though and fallen for his divergent, perhaps he hasn’t stepped foot in one but instead has been secretly gorging out at home using the app for deliveries!! It is the technology thread after all!!


It’s just not the same without watching a pimply teenager make your fries for you.


… you mean frying potato sticks? Making fries is an art! :yum:


Who needs technology? It won’t really solve our problems. :2cents:


I swear that audio track has been used in a million videos



If I went there shoplifting, would this qualify me as a pioneer?
Something like the first man on mount Everest?


“Family Mart (全家) will be launching its first wave of technology concept stores making use of artificial intelligence to make coffee and offer other services”

I just need a coffee maker to do that, not AI! :astonished:


If the trial ends well expect a wave of people let go from their job.


It would be nice to have this kind of service for some things. I always have to interrupt the clerk to turn on the printer. It would be nice to be a pre-approved customer and the printer can just work.

I wonder what will happen if you’re a bad customer. Do they zap you or net you or give you your own personal spotlight? That might not be a bad thing too.

My local 7 clerk knows me and comments if I haven’t been in the shop for awhile. I like the human interaction.


I also immediately thought of printing. I hope they can make this tech only.


When I’ve used stores like this I didn’t miss the interaction with the store clerks. Most interactions with the people that work at convenience stores is business like at best anyway.


Will “bad” customers be zapped? @discobot fortune


:crystal_ball: Reply hazy try again


Will they? @discobot fortune


:crystal_ball: Without a doubt