not so technologically advanced..


Okay everyone, Discobot is the new Santa Claus! :eye:


Every year, this is what I look forward to. 5 more days, baby! FEBO, Vlaames, and Falafel!


It’s gross.

And who cares? Is it really that hard to order a meal with your mouth?


I hope cashiers new job will be to wipe the touchscreen regularly. :sneezing_face:

Or they need a voice assistant to take orders.


Order with finger, eat with mouth. It’s not rocket science. :sunglasses:


The stories I’ve frequented use UPC code scanners. No need to touch anything but the items you are buying.




Sorry. Got a little excited.


Going to Amsterdamn?


A visit to AMS without a kroket from FEBO and your visit is not complete.


Yeah. Its become a pilgrimage of sorts over the years. The only true direct flight to EU from TPE goes through A-dam. That and my aunt lives in Eindhoven.

IIRC, the McD in Schiphol has automated ordering. In fact, most of Schiphol is automated, except immigration and security.


Just stay away from the cafes. I hear the cigarettes are a little funny. :wink:


Ah, yep. If you go their in the summer, you get a contact high down some streets. Not to worry. There is a falafel shop, chip stand, or FEBO always nearby to help with those after toke cravings.


How much is your ticket from TPE to AMS?


@Zapman Looks like base price for direct flight is TWD 53,780.


so much money :hushed:


When we purchased them (late November), 2 tickets including add-ons (seat selection, vegetarian meal, etc) the total -for 2 tickets, was around NT$52,000. The trick is advanced purchase and to go before CNY.


I bought mine for NT$27000 r/t direct flight on CLA.


They started e-immigration!


Only when you have a Netherlands ID.