not so technologically advanced..


I think Amsterdam is the only place you can indulge if you are a foreigner.


Only for citizens, or can frequent visitors sign up?


No more, they stopped that. Because too many from countries nearby went on a buying spree, customs (mobile teams) in Belgium has many French buyers stopped and searched, prosecuted.


To be fair, there is more to do in Nederland than pot and prostitutes. I hate it when people ask me what I did for holiday and tell them I saw family in the Netherlands, and then they do the toking thing and mention the red light. Stront/merde.


That’s not the same! Stront is poop, merde is damn. :wink:


The headquarters for the Uni-President just revamped their first floor. They got rid of the Mr. Donut and updated the 7-Eleven and Starbucks. The Starbucks is basically the same, but the 7-Eleven is now something called 7-Eleven X.

I guess this is the same concept as the Amazon Go. Essentially, there are gates at the entrance that open after you subject yourself to facial recognition. Then, apparently, you grab whatever you want and will be charged accordingly. I assume that’s the idea but it’s technically not open to the public yet.

Interestingly, while they say the stores are ‘unmanned’, there are 3 7-Eleven employees constantly watching the coffee machines to make sure nobody steals any.

Here’s some more info.


Face pay lol