Not sure: Philosophy? Theory? Scholarship?

I was just wondering if Forumosa could create a new category for people like me who read lots of philososphy and theory, who employ it in teaching, and who themselves write essays, books, conference papers, etc. or who just plain like that kind of intellectual work, and who have theoretical questions or who need to find a quote or who can’t find a book, essay, but who need it for some reason.

I say this because I’ve been here in Taipei for four years and I’ve seen really hard to understand theory books at Eslite and Page One and Bookman flying off the shevles. (Really, whole stacks of a new volume by Foucault disappear in a week!) Somebody’s reading this stuff. Even my own book (on philosophy and literature), hardly a bestseller, is on the shelves here (but not at my alma mater’s university bookstore!).

So I guess what I suggest, if enough people are interested, is a category for:

Sharing/finding resources,
Theoretical questions about western and eastern phillosophy (I would love it if I could post a question about Daoism, for example, or Lacan, and get a response from somebody who can respond because I may be working through a problem or some kind or may just be curious).

Or something along those lines; or does such a website already exist–I mean specifically for us who live here in Taiwan?

Anyways, if it’s a good idea–what can we do?


I’d suggest that you pick the most appropriate forum-- Arts & Entertainment, Culture & History, Open-- and live with the mismatch. You’ll get plenty of wiseass responses, by frequently find the answer you’re looking for.

Sheer idiocy has far longer legs here, but if a need is demonstrated for a ‘Reference Shelf’, you’ll get your forum.

Hello Tralalangue, and welcome to Forumosa! :slight_smile:

I don’t know whether there’d be enough traffic to make a separate category; usually the admins won’t start a new area unless there are already a bunch of relevant threads. I’d suggest you just go ahead and start specific threads in this Open Forum area for now.

:laughing: Yeah, that would be my girlfriend.

I don’t know whether she’d have the time to spend discussing philosophy on Forumosa, but if you have some basic questions about where to find certain books locally in English or Chinese, she might be able to help.