Not working? No income? How long can you last?

The elephant in the room, who is out of work?
can you survive 2 or 3 months?

what if they keep things at level 3, most people can work, but bars and schools stay closed basically cutting off income to a small minority with often little voice.

it seems the government has washed their hands of helping employees in these industries.(it has been discussed briefly else where).

However if it was level 4, then a lot of people would complain and the government would act to protect employees without savings, but if it stays at level 3, they may well sweep it under the carpet.

Thoughts? Actions?


6 to 8 years if I go low profile.

I can work from home, but in the event I was laid off, me, my wife and baby could survive 3.6 years as long as our monthly spendings didn’t increase. Probably longer if we cancelled our health insurance, and a few other luxuries.


I wonder about the overseas teachers in buxibans who are on hourly rate with little to no savings.

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Plus if their wives are also buxiban teachers. I’m being very kind and forgiving right now. Two incomes cut off for the foreseeable future is a bit of a nail-biter.

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in the case of we were laid off, we lost our ARCs so should leave in two weeks, unless we apply for APRC or 6 month extension. There aren’t much reasons we stay here if we lost current jobs. We will go home and survive.

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I thought you were on APRC?

Haven’t you been here since like, forever?


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Where is home?

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My fiance is temporary out of work, she is a personal trainer, but luckily I still have a job and my job can be done from anywhere, I just need a computer and internet.

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My wife lost her job more than a year ago. It was not well-payed and revolved around selling miracle healing nonsense to Hong Kong, Malaysia and Indonesia tourists. That’s 40k a month gone. It’s shit pay, but 40k/month is better than nothing.
I still get my university pay, but my buxiban cash has gone to the dogs. I’m pretty much fucked.
Anyone want to pour something into my gofundme account?

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It may be too late to start thinking about that.

We always keep emergency funds, enough for 6 months of expenses, in case something like this happens.
Of course, if we end up unemployed, we’ll try to reduce all our expenses, so the funds may last some months more.


I’m sure they will go online if the two weeks is extended, won’t they?

Without changing spending habits = 6 months max

Maybe 8 months if we cut back on spending.

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I would just leave Taiwan if we aren’t working and stuck in lockdown. I’ve lasted a year not working before but that’s different than the situation now .

Lost my job because of Covid last August, it has been hard


Sympathies…That is no fun.

Sorry to hear that! Mind to share what is your field?

Despite what this article says I don’t see how a lot of teachers in private schools won’t be dismissed. My daughter goes to an exclusive Taipei school. She’s in the low grades of this K-12. I’m guessing they have 10 or more foreign teachers. With the lessons the foreign teachers have recorded for the kids this past week, I don’t see how they need more than 3 teachers.

The numbers are coming out in a few minutes. This is likely going to be a shit storm

You think that the schools will dismiss teachers now in the hope of recruiting new teachers for the Fall semester? That would be a big risk to take, but I wouldn’t put it past them. If the schools are still keeping fees but not paying salaries. kaching!