Notice the 101 lights are dimmed earlier than before?

Has anyone else noticed the lights on 101 are turned off earlier these days? Having a great balcony view for a year and a half I got to know the timing of the lights. 11pm and 101 would go dark. Nowadays it’s usually 10pm or before. Tonight they must have shut them at 8pm.

Are they demonstrating their efforts at energy conservation?

Also this week I noticed more 101 office lights on than I ever remember seeing in the 10 years I’ve lived in Taipei.

We’re entering Spring.

The Taipei 101 Lighting Schedule is from sunset to 11pm , every day has a different color (7 colors of the rainbow)

However, the 101 Facebook page announce special lighting schedule for Ukraine (6:30 to 10pm) so maybe that is why you see the lights turned off earlier



I did notice the Ukraine colors on top while everything else was dark. You are correct about last night. But I have noticed even before the invasion that the lights were out earlier than usual

Maybe the chinese assholes that were phucking our food finally got the official full boot?