Notice: Water to be shut-off for parts of Taoyuan June 11-12

Water in some areas of Taoyuan will be shut off for parts of two days due to the MRT construction. The following neighborhoods (里) of Taoyuan District (桃園區) will have their water shut off from 10:00PM June 11 until 4:00PM June 12:

Zhuang Jing 莊敬; Chang De 長得; Ci Wen 慈文; Zhong Ning 中寧; Xin Pu 新埔; Bao An 寶安; Rui Qing 瑞慶; Ming De 明德; Tong An 同安; Tong De 同德; Bian Zhou 汴洲

Additionally, parts of Luzhu (Nankan) will have reduced water pressure during that time.

They advise storing water at least six hours before the shut-off time.