Notifications don't work, not mine not today

As title says… I think it started to happen some time today, but have been busy recently and I’m not sure if it was yesterday or this morning or afternoon.

And now they are coming through… all of them, one after another.

I thought I had pissed off a lot of people when I suddenly saw 5 notifications.

We forgave you …eventually

They’ve been a bit weird lately. Let’s see if it happens again


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Yeah, I’ll ask Discourse about that.

Notifications not working again.

Yeah, they were dorked all weekend, I kept getting PM notifications for stuff that was weeks old, and post notifications for threads I wasn’t following.

Might be time to implement piss testing for the Badges.


When someone tells Notifications to get back to work

Lights out

Yeah, some old notifications again… from excitement to disappointment :frowning:

7pm now, finally receiving today’s notifications one by one.

Same here. We’re looking into it as we speak.

Anyone getting delayed notifications today?

I am

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