Notifications emails?

When you set a post status to tracking it emails you all these [expletive removed by mod] emails that makes me relegate it to “watching” which means the little number for new posts is white or blue.

But when tracking it, replies also put a nice number next to my purple W at the top right, which represents the notifications section that I can see all recent responses to stuff I am tracking.

I would like that same/similar/equivalent on-site capability of seeing what I am watching in a conglomerated place without having to get emails to do so.

Edit: in the above I mistook watching and tracking for one another. Not going to correct it so when you read one, switch it for the other including the title.

Go to Preferences/Emails and you can edit what mails you want or don’t want to receive.

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OK, so is that the only option then? Is there no way to get only email notifications for some things and only forum notifications for others?

These are the options



I want the little number beside my avatar to appear (i.e. notifications on the forum) on the threads I mark, without having to get emails for them, while still being able to mark other threads to get email notifications like the “Watching” status.

In other words, I’m asking if there is a “Watching” and “Watching Without Emails” capability, and suggesting it if not. Only “Tracking” doesn’t give me the notifications on the forum that I like, so I can’t - get this - keep track of them. They are just marked in the list of threads.

No, the preferences aren’t set up that finely. Discourse doesn’t differentiate between notifications in this way.

What you can do is set up rss feeds on threads of interest to you, let me know if you need help.

I don’t use RSS but thanks anyway.

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