Notre-Dame cathedral fire in Paris

Oh, because something bad is happening elsewhere you can’t feel bad about some other thing? It must be hard to be so self-righteous. It seems your grief doesn’t interfere with your daily life in Taiwan (or **** here) [removed by mod; reason: this is getting close to “personal attack” territory, which is against forum rules]. When will you be volunteering to help the poor Uyghurs, by the way?


Sorry but I just can’t upset about this fire. I get upset about other things and I get annoyed that this fire has suddenly taken over the news. No need for you to get upset with me.

I feel the same. I hope this is a construction action, but there’s been a lot of accidents at churches in France recently.

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I’m new here, but this is irony, right?

Holy shit, damn you Disney!!

The disintegration of society… It is very worrying

So this is a strange coincidence

Eerily beautiful tbh.

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Didn’t mao do enough damage to the history in his cultural Revolution? Not in gains book…

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Can’t say I give a fuck about China’s cultural heritage. :tipping_hand_man:

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so lets just blow up every part of history you are ignorant about?

That would take A LOT of time.


Yes and yes.

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Yeah sure.

thats a bit harsh. theres a lot of great things about china. why not blow up their government instead?

ok i see what you are getting at, if you blow up the whole of china your argument yesterday will work for you as chinese won’t be the most dominant race any more…

I think Gain’s women are smiling just a bit more, chilling

no no, western culture is the dominant one, therefore Chinese are by default an oppressed minority.

Come on guys, the heart of Paris is burning.

No need to China rant all over it.

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Francois Pinault, who is Salma Hayek’s husband and owner of Gucci and YSL, has announced that he’s going to donate 100 million Euro to the rebuilding of Notre Dame.


Whatever makes the news corporations money takes over the news. I mean, hello, this is not hard to figure out. A big fire at an iconic landmark in the heart of Paris? That’s a money-printing machine right there. Reporting about the Uyghurs in China? That’s really hard work and you need to deal with repercussions by the government over there and how many people will be glued to the TV screen watching this?