[Nov 25, 2012] DIY Cosmetics Workshop

An independently-run workshop at Parents’ Place in Neihu. Katerina makes some really good, natural products from home for people in Taiwan. She is now going to teach us how to make our own. Her perfume sticks are my personal favorite, but others love the creams and lipsticks. Give her a call on Call: 0916244419 for more information about the class or her products.

We are all worried about what we put on our faces and our bodies. Now you can make it at home. This workshop will teach you what to use and why, what you need, where to get it, and how to do it. Every person will walk out with some products that we will make. It will be a fun 4 hours of making, learning, and even experimenting.

You will all have the confidence to do it yourself or at least know what you want in your products.

This workshop is just before Christmas if you want to give those special people a natural product that you made.

Bank info for early registration is:

Account number is 078 50 5014411
Bank Code: 803
A/C Name: Katerina Klimes

If you pay by Nov. 15th, it is only 1800 per 4 hour class. after the 15th it is 2000 per workshop. (Early purchasing keeps material costs down a little)

When: Sunday, November 25, 2012, 1:00pm until 5:00pm
Where: Parents’ Place, Neihu (2F, No. 315, Section 4, ChenGong Rd, Neihu District. http://www.parentsplace.com.tw. A community space for English-speaking families. Everyone welcome to these workshops; you don’t have to be a parent!)

She should video this, edit it down a bit and put it up as on-demand!

I’ll suggest it to her, thanks.