Novarg worm

Anyone else getting fed up receiving junk ‘undeliverable’ e-mails cos of this ‘Novarg’ worm ? I’m getting a couple every half hour or so…

Yup, only one so far

oh the pleasure of macintosh

[quote=“amos”]oh the pleasure of macintosh[/quote]If people used macs, then there would be viruses for them too. Not much point in writing a virus (or any software) for macs.

Novarg spoofs the e-mail address of the sender from the list of addresses it scans otu of the infected system. So you’ll still get the undeliverable/Your e-mail is a virus messages even if you use a Mac, or Linux, or whatever.

If you haven’t gotten any messages yet, it’s because nobody has your e-mail address…

Gosh, I wish I had a PC. Then I wouldn’t feel so alone (and virus-free).

And, yes, I wish there was more software for us pitiful few Mac users. I just feel so left out, inadequate. Especially, the fact that there’s no Outlook for the Mac – that would solve so many of our problems in one big fluffy go. Instant compatibility with ten of thousands of freely available, self-delivering, self-installing software titles.

Then I could be really smart like that armless, legless fellow outside my front door. ‘Cause every time ol’ Bill comes to the door (and I turn him away), he’s got a comfy place to stand and wipe his feet.

“A high volume system like [Windows] that has been thoroughly tested will be by far the most secure” Bill Gates (apparently said without a hint of irony or fluffiness. BTW, what’s with the word “will”?).

But, I’ll just have to make due with the 10,000 or so titles that are available. I’m just like a thin American – alone in the crowd.

I’m another lone soul with a Mac. In my 14 years of using a Mac, I’ve never used an anti-virus program, and have only once caught a virus by diskette (in the late 1980s), but that was back in the days when MS Word and Excel were only available for the Mac. Also, Mac OS X crashes once every two months under heavy use, whereas my Windows setup has been known to crash multiple times a day doing the same things.

I do image editing, video editing, CD authoring, DVD authoring, Web design, PHP/MySQL development, e-mail, Web browsing … I even use Word, Excel and PowerPoint. I listen to my tunes, manage my digital photos, keep my online calendars, update my Palm, download MP3s, use my T610 for remote control of Keynote or PowerPoint via bluetooth, browse the Web at Starbucks Wi-Fi spots, send SMS messages to my T610 via Bluetooth, . And I do all these things out of the box, while it would take me weeks of on-and-off-hassle to do it with Windows. In the end, I DO MORE WITH MY MAC IN STYLE AND CONVENIENCE than 95% of the Windows users I know BECAUSE I AM ENABLED TO USE THE TECHNOLOGY IMMEDIATELY. In the end it doesn’t matter how many software titles there are for Windows. If you can’t make use of it, you can’t make use of it. In the end, most PC users use a PC in a way that a Mac would do better (i.e. IE and Office).

The bottom line is that Mac-bashers are insecure. They have no passion for Windows themselves, but feel intellectually guilty for doing things the hard way, and they know it. The herd mentaily sets in and the cognitive dissonance kicks in. To justify all the crap that they have to go through with their PC, they bash Mac users as being fanatic for no particular purpose.

In the end, I’m the one cranking out DVDs for my freinds and family. I’m the one with a secure Unix based archetecture. I’m the one with slick Keynote presentations. I’m the one getting things done. NOT MY WINDOWS FRIENDS. However, they are happy since they know everyone else around them can’t do it either with their PC.

Misery loves company.

I don’t know how this got onto a ‘Mac vs PC debate’… sigh… but I have to add my own 2 cents worth…

I spent four years teaching in a school with two labs of Macs - continually ‘falling over’ as the OS became overloaded and ( typically ) they always had to be rebooted rather than being able to simply kill the offending process.

Interestingly the school has since switched over to PCs with little or no problems or difficulties reported ( things certainly run a whole lot smoother now that they’re using PCs ! )

Yes Macs may ‘look pretty’ but at the end of the day what I want is a computer that works… ( and I don’t want to have to pay an arm and a leg neither ! )

edit … nobody likes viruses and I’m just happy I don’t get them anymore.

Why? I’m sure there’s another thread about that.

What, nobody’s pointing out the advantages of a penguin-based system? :slight_smile: – for those who are tired of viruses and trojans and backdoor exploits.

Can anybody guess which idiot actually double-clicked an attachment to a message from someone he had never heard of, with the subject line ‘test’ yesterday?

Boy, did I feel stupid!

Norton went nuts, and I eventually had to turn it off in order to get anything done. (I think it was scanning all the mails the worm was sending, but declaring them clean!) Interestingly, Lavasoft’s adaware was able to identify the problem, although it couldn’t fix it. It did find 30 or so other nasties on there though, and quarantined all of them.

Trend Micro took about fifteen minutes to scan my entire system and delete the seven instances of the worm that it found.

Thankfully this all took place on a machine at the office. My home (Forumosa) computer is still clean.

Norvarg seems particularly vicious - it slipped past Norton before they put up the update - but got trapped as a worm anyway. I still had to run the removal tool to completely eradicate it.

I suspect it came attached to my wife’s email while we were holidaying with one computer.

Would someone please send me a copy of either of the MyDoom/Novarg variants? Any virus that attacks SCO and Microsoft is just spiffy in my book. :smiling_imp:

WOW! I read that it was dying down, but I got 18 infected emails to my personal account so far today!