Novel coronavirus cases reignite SARS fears - the epidemic mess foretold

I used to read all of Koontz’s stuff. He could spin some bizarre tales.

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How many hops back? If it’s a direct flight you might be ok.

If you have a layover in Hong Kong, or any other city that Taiwan’s CDC deems a health risk between now and then, then yeah you’ll get quarantined here.

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Jesus Christ! I hope that big bastard is payin’ rent! :open_mouth:

A friend of mine just came from America via HK (flight connection), he just landed fine here in Taiwan today, and he doesn’t need to do quarantine.


I was going by a post I saw a couple days ago, one that now seems to have had considerable surgery done to it by a mod. It may no longer be accurate.

Guess I’m going to have to check this out more carefully, thanks for the heads up.

Bangkok one hour change.

Now, how you think the Chinese Government should react once, after an initial cover up attempt by the local government, they find out that such virus escaped from the lab?
It all start to make sense … :wink:

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I hope it works out, but I’d probably be worried that Thailand breaks out with the bug (our Lonely Planet writer @afterspivak mentioned upthread that Thailand hasn’t exactly discouraged Chinese tourism the past month or so).

Predictions are made difficult because there’s not enough info yet. I just don’t think we have a good idea of how Taiwan’s CDC will handle Asian airports in the coming weeks.

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Maybe this whole coronavirus thing is just a guerrilla marketing campaign and we’re all being bamboozled.


I just found out that book was written in 1981, long before anyone had an idea thta in Wuhan there was going to be built a research lab.


Seriously? My friend came home via HK yesterday morning, and had to fill out a form for home quarantine, merely because of transiting in the HK airport for an hour.

It appears to be of the self-monitoring kind though, not the mandatory kind (why is this so complicated? Why the inconsistencies? Oh, Taiwan…)

This is sounding increasingly like a cock-up.

Presumably, if someone gets a 14 day home quarantine then other members of their household will also have to be quarantined?

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And if this thing can spread through poo poo wouldn’t we need to worry about the plumbing and say quarantine the entire building at that point .

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Yes, my friend just landed couple hours ago, he said, he filled a form, people made some questions and let him go. I asked him, “Do you need home quarantine?”, he said no.

Now, go figure out what are the criteria? Sounds alarming for me.


I have a feeling my trip to Blighty isn’t going to happen.


Dean Koontz, time traveler :open_mouth:


I think in the couple of weeks between now and your trip, the situation will very likely have worsened and you’ll end up stuck somewhere. The good news is you can probably get a refund. Most airlines are being accommodating even considering the situation has yet to really escalate in Taiwan.


Just don’t fly Air Canada. They told me they would waive the rebooking fee and I would have to travel within 325 days. Bastards.

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Well, at least within 325 days the plague will have either died down or decimated humanity.