Novel coronavirus cases reignite SARS fears - the epidemic mess foretold

Someone made a Wuhan coronavirus location map for Taiwan, but it only shows regions because Taiwan government has not released the actual city location information.

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This woman flew in on Jan 25th and only today was confirmed as positive. This is not good news to me. Not at all


This is old news from a day ago. The reason for the huge increase is they applied a new litmus test to a backlog of cases (instead of waiting for lab confirmation they now count any suspected cases with CT evidence of pneumonia on the lungs). It’s not a huge daily increase. The daily trend of new cases is actually slightly on a downward, but too early to say whether it’s peaked for sure.


I don’t trust Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam to (a) properly identify and quarantine cases, and (b) give us the real numbers. If it’s 19 in Malaysia it’s probably 100.


I still can’t believe Indonesia number of cases

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No. Friggin. Contest. At all. (I used to have a plug-in that let me not visit forumosa, or other websites on a list that I’d set, for X number of hours - but a MacOS update killed it. I need to find something similar!)

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Add Philippines and Yeah, those places don’t even know what’s going on in some of their towns cities and hospitals.


This is not old news, it is news from 2 hours ago and just reaffirms with the new methodology things are much worse than what they were actually showing.

Bollocks it’s yesterday’s news. Clearly says 13th, clearly says Thursday. Try and keep up.

In fairness I get thoroughly confused about that when looking at websites. Is it giving me Taiwan time? London time? New York? Some sites are good about just automatically referring to whatever time zone I’m in, but others aren’t, and as a result I never know.

There are 2 links there, I’m talking about the first link:

Eyes problem can be a symptom of coronavirus :smiley:

Yesterday’s news, dear, even in local papers. Discussed before. Move on.

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Moving on, but are you blind too?

NBC News . February 14, 2020

Wait, is today 15th? No it is not bummer :slight_smile:

No, I write this stuff. There are more interesting things going on now, like China giving up on taking care of the patients. It simply puts them in the “resort hospitals”… and that’s it. The system has been broken.

Furthermore, most foreign experts think actual numbers must be close to 300k, as per computer models.


For fucks sake do you not understand the concept of time zones? Yesterday’s news. Today 116 deaths.

You didn’t check the link and you got in a clusterFOKER loop. I’m not feeding you anymore, cheers :slight_smile:

That’s a mix of old and new. The 116 deaths is actually a good number not a bad when compared to the 254 deaths YESTERDAY.

And before you keep in this looping replying, I’m gonna quote it for you here and it says FRIDAY! It is FRIDAY BABY.

COVID-19 deaths rise in Hubei, now more than 1,480 in mainland China

Health authorities in China’s Hubei province reported 116 more deaths due to COVID-19, the new name for coronavirus, bringing the total in the mainland to more than 1,480 as of Friday morning local time.

The LINK I’m talking about:

Chill dude, go grab a beer.

I’m sorry, did a chihuahua type this?


I hope it’s only 300k. At this point it wouldn’t surprise me if it’s a cool mil. :sweat:

Dammit, @Icon you said this might be the next SARS. You didn’t warn us this would be a hundred times worse than SARS!! :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: