Novenas: What are your tried and true ones?

I’ve been thinking about the power of novenas and stories I’ve heard about themm The few I’ve done have produced mixes results or just been absent of evidence.

What has been your experience? Which ones? Any good stories?

Does doing the Passion count? I remember growing up in the Philippines and walking by small rural chapels during Easter and hearing the recitation of the “Pasyon”. Pretty intense. These are all-nighters – I am not sure what language they were using (probably the local one since it was deep in the provinces).

I have heard there is a Catholic church near Songshan Airport where they do all-night Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament. Again, this isn’t about novenas per se, but if I was going to do be there, I suppose doing a novena would be as good an idea as any.

Maybe you might like this article:

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Thanks for posting about the Pasyon. I’ve never heard of it. Of course US media only reports on their stations of the Cross/crucifixion practice each year but leave out the Pasyon which sounds beautiful. I would assume the church sees their Holy week practice as an intense sort form of a novena.

You should go to the adoration you mentioned. I used to go when I had a car. I miss it.

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