Now, I don't know much about art

, but this guy got his money’s worth.

Neither do I.

But, I was thinking where to hang it. Perhaps somewhere close to the refrigerator? Or the pantry? With a note perhaps, along the lines of “Those who indulge will buldge.”

But certainly not in the dining room. Hungry eyes shan’t be allowed the ghastly sight.


And if the above isn’t odd enough, you forgot to mention that someone paid US$33.6 million for that. Where does one hang a painting like that?

Incidentally, the artist painted a series of paintings of the same subject, including this one.

Also, incidentally, it was painted by Sigmund Freud’s grandson. Hmmm…

Art is everything.
& vice versa.
It’s mostly about the prism with which one views…

[quote]“Without art, the crudeness of reality would make life unbearable.”