Now that Taiwan has SARS, which other countries will let me go there?

I heard that some countries are quarantining passengers from Taiwan, and others are just not letting them in anymore. Which countries have policies like this? (I especially want to know about Korea and Russia, but we might as well start a list so other people can benefit.)

Can I go to some neutral country for awhile, and then go to one of these places?

It’s worrying me that I have to do a visa run soon and may get clapped into quarantine either on arrival, or on my return.

How about ten days in quarantine in Thailand, cos they change the rules while I’m in the air, followed by ten days in quarantine here 'cos SARS broke out there while I was kicking my heels…

Having just spent too much time in Canada waiting for my visa, I proffer the following advice. The TECO in Vancouver had a form for a Dr. to fill out attesting to my blood having only a passing quotient of Corona (someone bought it for me) and nil evidence of a coronavirus…

Once officiously and duly stamped by the graphite commandos at the TECO, I was cleared to travel back to Taiwan quarantine free…

Maybe the reverse would apply…have a local doc vouch for your health and have some very official form with you when you travel…I breezed thru immigration with mine…who knows…worth checking out…

My wife just checked last night and those wacky Brits are issuing visas and letting people in from Taiwan willy-nilly, without even so much as an anal probe. Extremely foolhardy.

My husband’s in Korea for one night. No quarantine (yet) from what they could find out. Now we have to see about the return.

5-7 days quarantine Guam, as of 3 days ago.

I heard Germany only requires travellers to fill in a form saying they feel o.k., have not had fever in the last 10 days etc… Europe seems to be thoroughly relaxed about this topic so far, rather long haul for a visa-run though …

My bf said that the German airport authorities basically expect the airlines and the local authorities to check passengers before they get on the plane. And that they’re not planning to impose quarantine on travellers from SARS areas any time soon (hopefully, that’s true. I don’t really want to spend half my summer vacation in quarantine!)

Besides, the way Europe has managed to handle its SARS cases (no local infections, neither in the family of patients nor among the health personnel, no deaths!!!), I guess they have any reason to feel more relaxed :?


Anyone have the definitive answer on whether one can travel to and from Hanoi without quarantine at either end? I know the Vietnamese are asking for a health certificate to get a visa. Anyone done this trip recently - will be going via Thailand but only for a night or two.

I just arrived in Sydney yesterday after a layover in Ho Chi Minh (Saigon). I actually got into the wrong line after disembarking the plane from Taipei - I got in the Immigration line to exit the airport. HCM’s airport kind of sucks. Anyway, they make you fill out a paper with your name, phone and address in Vietnam and also ask that you either put yourself in a 10-day home quarantine or ask to see a doctor at the hospital (I guess for hospital quarantine). But as I didn’t actually go into Vietnam, I can’t give you a definite answer.

Good luck.

PS: Australia isn’t forcing quarantine [yet].

I just saw found this site listing all current travel restrictions/regulations in the region plus many more countries of interest. Also includes links to official government sites of some countries.

Hopefully updated as the epidemic rolls on …
Bye. :?

:slight_smile: Thank you. Extremely helpful