Now that things are blue again, whither Tongyong Pinyin?

Well, we have a blue legislature, and most likely we’ll have Hanyu Pinyin’s number one advocate, Ma Yingjiu, at the helm in a few months. This seems to be to be a very good opportunity to advocate for the nation-wide implementation of Hanyu Pinyin. Any suggestions on how we can get started?

Since it’s a cause he espouses so ardently, perhaps Cranky would like to draft an appropriate petition to Ma urging the speedy adoption of Hanyu Pinyin as the single nationwide standard of romanization. If signed by enough members of Taiwan’s white-collar foreign community, I bet such a petition would elicit a very positive response from Ma.

You would have my full, ardent support in this. Let’s push for the abolition of Tongyong!!

Maybe we can write letters to the editor in newspapers.

May Tongyong end up in the graveyard of bad ideas, and soon.

Why not ask the supermajority LY to adopt a constitutional amendment barring Tongyong forever and a day? :sunglasses:

Not nearly enough. I demand reparations.

And what about the MoE’s other initiatives? I think they should scrap TOIEC in favor of TOEFL or some other recognized test. The same for Chinese-language tests, if there’s one that accepts complified characters.