Now you can help- animal shelter

I have been here for four months. I have rescued several dogs and cats. In Taichung they have a mini zoo. I dropped off 2 puppies and a kitten last week. When I returned one week later,they had been adopted. This is a nice and clean facility. It also houses deer,pigs,rabbits,ostrich,civets,birds and monkeys. As you are leaving Taichung (towards Tung Hai on Taichunggong rd.) (it is past the university, it feels like the last stop before you leave town) you will see a sign for the motor vehicle place. This is where you turn left. You drive until you pass the motor vehicle place(basically the end of the road) and the road will then curve left and start to wind. When you start again to drive straight you will see the zoo on your right side just after a couple fields. Hope these directions are ok. let me know. I believe the name of the road is Yoyuan.

Great job helping the one’s you have already. Good to hear there is a place to bring strays in Taichung. :bravo: :slight_smile:

The Taichung dog adoption park mentioned on this thread is closed on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. I reluctantly parted with my puppy, Nina, yesterday and took her here. Hopefully she will go to a better home than the one I was able to provide.

There is a pet club (obedience school?) nearby with a large English sign that reads Berlin Pet Club. The zoo and adoption park are on the opposite side.

The hours are 10:00 (I think) until 4:00. I think the zoo is only closed Monday.

Could you put up some pics of the place?

[quote=“jdsmith”]Could you put up some pics of the place?[/quote] I’m going back there on Sunday so hopefully I’ll get some pics then. It may take a week or more before I get them up though since I haven’t fully entered the digital camera age.

Watch this space!

Here are some promised pics of inside the place.

Hungry puppies!

While I was there I noticed a cat from the cat room stuck in between the window and the railing. There were only two staff on at the time I was there I told a workman but he wasn’t able to move the cat.

Just below there’s a pic of the cat room.

Here are the bigger dogs that are either impounded or up for adoption.

I was wrong in my last post on this thread if the English on the posters near the kennels is correct. The dogs are up for adoption daily. The impounded dogs can be picked up Monday to Friday.

More of my pics of the place can be found here: Click on the pics for a larger view.

if you can take a little time out of your busy schedule, pick up one of these strays off the street and take them to the shelter. You will feel great! One more stray off the streets really does help because you have probably seen them breed. It is so cold for these animals outside. Get in the X-mas spirit people!