NSR + 4 days off + driving around Taiwan= I need answers!

I have been searching this topic, and I couldn’t specifically find the answers I was looking for. So PLEASE give me some good feedback. This trip is set in stone already. First off I am experienced in long trips on a motorcycle, it is all good. I am not a newbie to motorcycles…had to make that clear. :slight_smile:

I have 4 days off and I am going to drive around the island this weekend. The trip is mainly for driving and not stopping too much. I am starting in Jongli (30 min Souht of Taipei) this Saturday early in the morning 6 or 7:00AM. Anyway I have lots of friends that are staying in Kenting for the 4 days, so I would like to get to kenting as fast as possible without killing myself. Can I make it in one day? What is the fastest route from Chongli to Kenting? From Kenting, I will be taking scenic routes up to Hualien. Do you have any recommendations for routes from kenting to Hualien? Can this be done. I have already been to Hualien twice so I don’t need too much time in Hualien.

I am mainly concerned about the trip form Jhongli to Kenting. Will I be too tired in one day, and what roads should I take…fastest possible. Any info will help thanks. Would the number 1 be a horrible choice, remember I am not looking for a scenic view I will get that on the East side.

PS: Mordeath, ya have any suggestions. You have made the trip like 5 times, dui bu dui?

Starting in Longtan, you can take the provencial highway 3 all the way to Pingtung…From there provencial Highway one to highway 17, which will take you all the way to Kenting.

The 3 is wonderful with the exception of Taichung…There is a shortcut around as the 3 runs right through the city. Maybe Joesax or Mordeth know a way around this mess.

Kenting up the East coast: Highway 200 to the 199 to the 9 heading east and all the way to Taidong. Taidong to Hualien via the coast highway (the 11? damn I’m getting old). Then Highway 9 from Suao to Hualien. Highway 2 from Suao to Fulong. Then the 102/106 combination back into Taipei.

Finally Shenkang to Mucha to Anken and the 110 to Sanshia. Sanshia to Inge, and Inge, Taoyuan, and finally Chungli.

Piece of cake. :sunglasses:

Hi rk 951,

I’ve done the trip from Kaohsiung to Tapei on a nsr this summer. I made it from Kaohsiung to Jinshan on the north coast in 14 hours through rain and back in only 9 hours. Depending how fast you ride, you’ll take about 9 to 12 hours from jonghli to kending including gas stops and two 20 minutes breaks to eat. Add a few hours if it’s raining.

It’s pretty easy from Jonglhi. Get a map at any 7-11 and look for the number one. That road has good English signs. You have to go through many small towns so keep an eye open for big green signs “south number one”. Just south of Junghli, you’ll have a choice of two routes. Inland and coastal road. I recommend the coastal road.(Sorry, can’t remember the name but it’s number one something.) The coast route is a newer highway, it’s quiet, wide and very fast and you avoid all the traffic lights you would have going through every towns via the inland route on the number one. It(new coast highway #1)eventually merges with the original number one so it’s easy to just follow south.

Once you get to Kaohsiung, you’ll be on Mintzu road. Keep going until you hit Mincheng road and take a right. There will be a Dollars store at that intersection. Go down Mincheng until you hit Junghwa road.(about 5 km) Take a left on Junghwa and that will take you right to the airport. Follow the main road past the airport and look for brown signs “Kenting”. You’re about 2 hours to kenting from there.

Hope that helps. Have a good ride!


Good advice above. I think the next time I do Kending, I’ll do the east coast up and down. It’s just so much nicer than the west coast. Plus once you hit Taichung…you’ll have half of the city joining you on the trip down. The east coast trip would be longer…but the amount of time spent should be the same.

Plus I always get lost for 1 or 2 hours heading down the west coast. Sometimes the main roads turns…and there no signs warning you. Once the main road detoured without warning me…when I doubled back I found a sign SPRAY PAINTED onto a wall…hmm. Anyway, that’s my .02.

If you take the west coast do the 3 or the coastal road…probably the 3. But the three enters some small towns getting closer to Chia-yi and gets confusing. And don’t bother asking the locals “Where is the 3?” because they will only know the road by it’s name…not number. Unless you ask a trucker…maybe they’d know.

Hey MJB and Bonepine…thanks so much for your reply. I will take your advice and probably drive from the #3 to the costal route. I appreciate your advice. You too Mardeath, thanks for the advice too. I hope it all goes well. If you have any other info, feel me in.

[quote]feel me in.[/quote]I sure ain’t getting on that bike with you. :laughing:


[quote=“bobepine”][quote]feel me in.[/quote]I sure ain’t getting on that bike with you. :laughing:


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The reason for doing the 3 is the lovely twisty roads from round about Hsinchu down to Fengyuan. MJB and Mordeth are right that navigation is a bit of a pig through Fengyuan and Taichung City. But the alternative is going way out west to the No.1 or even the coastal highway.

South of Taichung, both the no.3 and the No.1 have lots of stoplights although the no.3 starts to get more interesting after about Douliu. I suppose the coastal highway has fewer stoplights.

Navigation on the No.1 is a little tricky round Chiayi.

Some nice inland roads further south that avoid Kaohsiung City.

[quote=“bobepine”][quote]feel me in.[/quote]I sure ain’t getting on that bike with you. :laughing:


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That’s a Freudian slip for sure[/quote]

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Oh c’mon the girl say I am cute. :slight_smile:[/quote]

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