NSR Mechanics in Kaohsiung?

I’m looking to move up a bit in terms of quickness from my current bike (Hartford 150), and it seems as though the NSR is the most cost-effective for speed. I realize the inherent reliabity issues involved, so I feel like before I actually buy a bike, I would really like to find someone who can actually work on it when things inevitably get messed up. I live in Kaohsiung, and have pretty seldomly seen anyone riding NSRs, much less a shop that seemed to have any.

It seems as though getting parts can be a pretty big hassle, so I guess another question I have is whether I would just be better off getting an RZX instead. I’m 190 cm, so the NSR would be a bit of a squeeze. The reasons that I’m leaning towards the NSR now is just mostly what I’ve read on this board…frame strength, monoshock, better engine quality, greater potential for modifications…though, I suppose these things are moot if I can’t find parts or am unable to fit on the bike.

Any help would be appreciated.

I do more and more of what you could call “backyard mechanic” work in Kaohsiung, and I owned a NZR before. I know the bike from top to bottom so I can help. Rebuilt RZs-know them top to bottom, too. My rates are a bit higher than the local mechanics, however. I don’t put band-aids on bikes, and I almost always end up fixing other little things that generally go repeatedly unnoticed by local mechanics.

The cheap way to go is for you to use local mechanics for routine maintenance (oil change, etc) and small repairs. If local mechanics fail to diagnose and fix your bike properly and you become frustrated, then you can contact me and I can make it run well for you. Another thing that local mechanics will not do is point out to you everything that needs repaired or maintained on your bike. From there you can decide what you want to do. I call it a “western” approach to servicing bikes.

I know a mechanic who is very proficient with these two stokes beasts. He runs a large Kymco shop just off of Mintzu Road on the north end of Kaohsiung. He also owns a Yamaha service center on Tzli Rd, but he is usually working at the above mentioned Kymco shop. Compared with many other mechanics, he is not cheap, but I guess it’s like anything else; you get what you pay for. This guy doesn’t have the attention to details that I have, but he has the proficiency to make a bike run well. His name is Kuo Tin Min (excuse the spelling) and his phone number is (07) 397-5650. He speaks zero English. You can call that number to get the exact location. Again, Chinese only.

As for parts, I find it generally easier to find parts for the NSR than for the RZs. (some parts are still hard to find, though) There is a Kymco wholesaler on Tzyuo Rd. They deliver to all the local mechanic shops in the area. You eliminate the middle man when you buy your parts directly from the source and it’s quite a bit cheaper. That’s where you want to go if you need parts for the NSR. They can source genuine Honda parts as well as after market parts. I also know another wholesaler where you would go to get Rz’s parts. Depending on which bike you end up getting, I can give you better directions.

By the way, it is my opinion that the HD150 is a much better bike for day to day riding around Kaohsiung. Especially given your height. You will miss that starter button on day one with the two stokes. :wink: