NT$1000/hr for private 1-to-1 too much?

It seems there are plenty of English teachers who charge their one-to-one private students NT$1000/hr.
I thought about charging my new private students this rate but then I figured they would probably just quit after a few months. It’s kind of expensive for most Taiwanese, even for doctors and the like.

Two questions:

  1. In other teachers’ experience (who charge 1-to-1 students NT$1000/hr) how long do students usually last before they quit (if at all)?

  2. If there is a ‘going rate’ for 1-to-1 private students, what is it these days?

A higher figure has been previously discussed here and here

Yeh, thanks, I didn’t read the other posts in the Teaching section first - naughty me. Just ignore me! :blush: