NT dollars to Indian Rupees

I need to transfer NT dollars to Indian Rupees. Anyone from the Indian Community in Taiwan out there that can recommend a bank that does this? I checked with banks some time ago and it seems that US dollars would be the way to go. pm me or leave message.

Can’t be done. I came here from India in September and I spent about a week going to every different bank in Taipei trying to find somewhere that would change my rupees to NT.
If you’re going to India your best bet would be to buy US dollars (cash or traveller’s checks) and transfer them again once you get there.

But… but… isn’t Taiwan fast becoming India’s stepping stone into the vast and profitable China market? I mean, that’s what Greaseball and his cronies have been rabbiting on about for months and months. You mean to tell me it’s all yet another load of shite from the people who brought you “Taiwan, green silicon valley” and “Taiwan, Asian regional operations hub?”
Why am I not surprised? :unamused:

I tried to do this before and couldn’t so I switched the cash in Hong Kong on the way over…