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China times headline.

NTU Masters or PhD Degree Holders Wanted for Porter and Chauffeur
After the commencement of Taiwan government’s “college graduates for corporate interns program”, National Taiwan University received an application from a company in seek of a fresh graduate holding a Master’s degree or PhD degree to drive for the boss and hold her/his suitcase. General reading of the application is intentional humiliation to NTU students. Sentiments among NTU students are mixed in response to the said offer.

What I never understand in Taiwan, is why are NTU students so arrogant. Why is holding some ones brief case and driving beneath them. It is an offer, take it or leave it. If I was hiring I would refuse any NTD graduates on bad attitude alone.

Being the personal assistant to the boss will get you to know not only that boss but many others and how the managers work. It is not an insult. They expect to become someone who has working experience’s manager??? What are they going to do, say hey I’m your new manager, please teach me how to do my job…

I went to a university ranked above NTU by more then 100 places and have degrees in Finance and Economics and I don’t feel above getting coffee for the bosses every day in the morning.

I always find the NTU’ers so painfully unfriendly and arrogant. I’m also blown away by their shock when they meet each other like its so improbable. You live in Taipei and went to the biggest school in Taipei also??? We must be twins.

So your Uni is ranked 5 places above even the number 1 university in the world…? and unless it was work experience I believe that is insulting regardless of the real world norms. Plus I don’t think you can generalise as broadly as you have, I am sure NTU produces a broad and diverse range of students (quite possibly many of them may not mind being the coffee bitch)… also at the end of the day it is far more difficult to gain access to NTU then any other uni in Taiwan… ergo I believe they have a small right to be a little arrogant…

Taiwanese people are good at homework

It was ranked 150th internationally global university rankings. Of course they are going to post their best ranking against the hundred of rankings posted. Average rankings about 140.

You have a good point I don’t like to generalize but the news was just so arrogant I couldn’t handle it.

I wouldn’t read it as much as NTU students suffering from hubris as much as the China Times trying to stir some trouble -slow news week. Moreover, this week there have been several news regarding the lower value in terms of return in getting a MA or a PhD, overall, no matter which university, surely they are milking on that. Plus, the Gov’t intern program, and private enterprise program, also pay 20 something K, irrelevant of whether it is a NTU graduate or Whatchamakalit University in Fartherst Corner of this Island, ROC.

And knowing how much sacrifice and pain students put into taking the tests and getting into the “right” highschools so they can have a slight chance above the rest to enter NTU, and supposedly getting a good job offer, you cannot help understanding their dismal when they get offered a “menial” job. I mean, anyone who has coworkers or bosses with junior high kids saw them crying tears of blood tears over this past weekend’s tests. Putting a 15 year old in a position where a single tests determines their whole future -in the kids and parents minds- is insane and inhuman, but that is the system. Imagine jumping all the ropes and having your bubble bursted like that? No way.

You should bring them down gently, not smack them to the ground. (Yeah, teh economy is bad, and all that jazz, but…)

Any such ad specifying someone with an advanced degree for such a menial position is an insult to all holders of advanced degrees. I fail to see how you jump from this to concluding that NTU grads are arrogant, or anything about NTU grads at all, for that matter. Aren’t you just taking this news story as an excuse for a rant based on your personal feelings toward NTU students?

It would be like asking a Stanford or MIT graduate to be a chauffeur / office clerk. NTU is the best in Taiwan and to place an ad looking for such a thing is obviously meant to be an insult.

I have also not met arrogant NTU grads. All the ones I have met are some of the most level-headed nice people on the island.

I too have not met any arrogant NTU grads, and I meet a lot of them in my lines of work. If I made any generalizations about them, I would have to go with ‘bright and hard working’. :idunno:

On second thought, I have an example. We asked and got permission to attend the EMBA courses, along with the “captains of industry”, the guys who when class was dismissed had their chauffers waiting with their Benz and BMWs doors open at the college of commerce school -not the university’s main gate, where we, common students, waited for the bus to take us home, or worse, to the dorms. We paid dearly -$$$- for this privilege, just to be in the same room and maybe absorb some of their knowledge/experience. Heck, I’d drive Guo Tai-ming -if my driving wasn’t so bad- and carry the briefcase as long as I could be the fly on the wall during those big deals. Of course, you know that won’t be a forever job, you move up somewhere, with a bit more knowledge and experience. It is actually a position of trust, where a yound mind could be molded into a future asset for the enterprise.

NTU students do have a reputation for being arrogant and hard to work with. Just ask MT :wink:

But there’s a reason for that. They are the best and the brightest and they dominate public life, corporate life, and university faculties in Taiwan.

NTU doctorates or candidates however are usually very pleasant people, in my opinion. Of course there are arrogant jerks, but they’re really everywhere.