NTU Veterinary Hospital Tips

1st time registration visit: The hospital’s English registration page at Registration Notes is gibberish. There’s no need to call first before registering, just show up. If you want to beat the crowd, you can take a registration number at 7am, but IMO it’s not necessary to get there that early, as there were just a few people when we registered our dog. Actual registration begins at 8:30am. Our dog was seen later the same morning of registration.

Appointments with senior doctors You’re pretty likely to need to make an appointment if you’re referred to a senior doctor–we were facing a 2-week wait for 2 docs who came highly recommended. We also had a recommendation for a less senior doc and for her there was no wait.

Expensive! The standard of care at NTUVH is pretty similar to that of human hospitals, but you definitely pay a premium for it. Surgery to remove our dog’s spleen was NT$45,000, and that’s not including the blood tests, ultrasounds, etc. This place is just for serious injuries or illnesses; go to your local clinic for minor stuff.

Need to pay up front If your pet has to stay overnight in the wards, you’ll have to pay an NT$20,000 advance. We also had to pay in advance for surgery, tests, etc. Seems likely that a lot of pet owners bounced on their bills over the years, so they adopted this system.

Compassionate care The staff were caring with our dog and they treated her around the clock. You can find reviews of this hospital saying that interns provide a lot of the care, and that may be true, but we met at least once a day with our regular doctor, who was behind the scenes directing everything. No complaints about the interns or other people who attended our dog.