NTUH foreigner-only clinic?

Justcame across this:

[quote]National Taiwan University Hospital (NTUH) is exclusively treating patients, who are tourists or expatriates living in Taiwan, following the opening of the International Medical Service Centre (IMSC) on January 2 this year.

According to Taiwan Journal report, the specialised clinic is open only to non-Taiwanese or citizens with a second passport from a foreign country.

NTUH hopes to provide diverse services and a private healthcare environment for patients with special needs.

The foreigners-only clinic is established so NTUH will be eligible to join the international service network operated by the world’s major health insurance companies, said senior IMSC administrator Edward Chang.

“These special services for foreign patients are not motivated by profit-making but are considered positive for raising Taiwan’s global image.”[/quote]
Does anyone know anything about this? Useful? Or just a more expensive way to get exactly the same service?

Sounds silly to me.

They will be conducting experiments on us.

Why is Dr. Wu giving me those pink infusions anyway?

reading Cosmopolitan,


bob_honest -
Hilarious… :bravo: :roflmao: :joker:

if foreigners are perceived by the general public to have unfair priviledges, it could cause trouble in the long run…some people I know are already ticked that they can’t send their kids to TAS.